Mt. Whitney Bound…Again!

On Saturday morning I will be flying to California to spend a couple of days backpacking the Mt. Whitney portal trail with my good friend Ben Tang. This will be my second attempt to summit Whitney. If you recall, at about this time last year I made the same trip but was unable to reach […]

How Many Miles Have You Hiked in 2012?

Nowhere near enough, would be my response to that question. Between my day job, training for a major event, family life, and every other distraction you can think of, I’ve been unable to get out as much as I would normally or wanted to. I’ve done less hiking this year than any other year I […]

Mt. Whitney and Altitude Sickness

Last week I traveled to the West Coast to meet up with Jason Klass and Ben Tang (Ben2World) for a multi-day hike up Mt. Whitney with the ultimate goal of reaching the summit. However, due to increasingly severe symptoms of altitude sickness I had to turn back at around 13,500ft and wasn’t able to top […]

Grotto Falls | Family Day Hike

My family and I recently spent a long weekend over Spring break to get away to the Great Smoky Mountains. We had decided to combine a couple of interesting short day hikes in the Smokys with some fun at an indoor water park in the town of Sevierville, TN. We picked short day hikes that […]

Find Local Hikes and Trails

One of my favorite magazines, Backpacker, has a very cool online gadget that lets you search for hikes and trails near where you live by entering in your address or just your zip code.  It’s also good for looking up trails in places where you might be planning to go.  You can apply filters to […]

Measuring Your Distance Using Strides

A useful way to estimate the distance you’ve walked or hiked for any given period of time is by counting the number of strides you’ve taken.  A stride (or pace) is the distance traveled by the heel of one foot to the next time that same foot strikes down – in other words, two steps, […]

Serious backpacks for small kids

For the last two years I’ve been struggling to find good quality backpacks that will fit my two young children (ages 5 and 4).  The best I had been able to do was either a REI FlashUL pack or a small basic Jansport book bag, neither of which were exactly ideal or what I was […]

Help choosing a campground stove

Later this year my family will be setting out on a two-week car camping vacation across the country. We’ll be starting in northern Michigan and ending up in Montana where we have friends that we want to visit. We already have several pit stops planned along the way such as a few nights stay at […]

Stone Mountain, GA – Family Day Hiking

This past Veteran’s Day, we spent a long weekend in Atlanta, GA. We had never visited Atlanta as a family before and with such great combo deals on accommodation and tickets to local attractions we could hardly pass up the opportunity. We chose to spend time at two local attractions that interested us most; Stone […]

Camping with little kids

My son, Jack, turned five last month and is itching to go backpacking with his daddy for a full weekend – I’m secretly very excited about that happening too and know it’s going to be a blast when he’s finally ready. He seems to have genuinely inherited my love of the great outdoors and is […]