Introducing “Gear Up for Geocaching”

Geocaching with GeoMate Jr.

Calling all geocachers, both expert and new. Geocaching HQ is celebrating “31 Days of Geocaching” this August and awarding a new Geocaching digital souvenir for each day during the month that you find a geocache. To help geocachers get out and log their finds during the month of August, Geocaching is sponsoring a new promotion […]

Geomate.jr Update Kit

Well today I finally got round to updating our Apisphere Geomate.jr using the very cool little updating cable kit.  The kit is a separate purchase and costs around $25 depending where you buy it from. When I purchased our Geomate.jr several months ago it was running the firmware that was pre-installed from the factory, so […]

Geocaching family fun with Geomate.jr

Jack, Maggie, and I decided to spend our Sunday morning outdoors doing some geocaching with our newly acquired Geomate.jr kid-friendly device. I bought the Geomate.jr on a whim based on a recent Outside San Diego blog post that hailed it as the ultimate get out and go geocaching device – and after our fun this […]

Thanks Airhud

Did a little Geocaching yesterday and found a nicely hidden micro geocache called Thanks Airhud. We located this one after not being able to loacte Gnarly Moves Dude even though we were within 25 feet of it – argh!.

Geocaching at Reedy Creek

Group trip to Reedy Creek to do some hiking and Geocaching. First time Maggie has gone with us, you’ll notice she is still growing in to her backpack – but it’s early days. With us are my Dad (visiting from UK), Andy and his two boys. We had a blast digging through the woods to […]