My Favorite Hiking Apparel

My backpacking three season layering system

I never imagined so many of you would be interested in my backpacking clothing choices. You asked, I listened. I’ve received lots of questions lately about apparel selection and articles of clothing that you’ve seen me wearing in photos throughout my blog. It’s great to hear you’re digging around through my older articles. So for those of you that […]

Eagle Creek UL Dopp Kit Bag – Goodbye Ziplocs!

Eagle Creek Ultralight Dopp Kit Bag

Lately I’ve felt as though the quest for lightweight outdoor gear has taken all of the glamour and excitement out of backpacking and hiking. We’ve boiled it down to an exact science driven by weight reduction and peak performance. We have forced ourselves to live out of disposable packets like flimsy ziploc bags and drinking […]

A Real Test for Odor-Proof Bags

I use LiteTrail NyloBarrier odor-proof bags to store my backpacking smellies in when I’m out on the trail. I use the PCT bear bag hanging technique most of the time to make sure that bears can’t get to my goodies and so far it’s been completely successful. How do I know if my odor-proof bags […]

EMS Power Dry Fleece Pullover Review

EMS Power Dry Micro-Fleece Pullover

Do you have a piece of outdoor clothing that you wear all the time even when it doesn’t really fit the situation it was made for? A piece of clothing that is your absolute favorite and you wished you had more than one of because you knew you were going to wear it out too […]

Backpacking Stocking Stuffers

It’s been a slow week, not much going on outside and no hiking trips to speak of, so I thought I’d share some photos of a few funny little backpacking-related stocking stuffers that my wife bought for me this year. It’s always fun to put things on my Christmas list that seem to make no sense […]

10 Skills Every Backpacker Should Have

I started this blog post with the intent of listing the top-10 basic skills that I believe every backpacker should have, but almost as soon as I started putting together my list I thought it would be much more interesting to let you all share what you think are the 10 most important skills to […]

Do You Need a Knife for Backpacking?


Not carrying a knife or some form of small blade is incomprehensible to me and a lot of other backpackers and hikers, but to others it’s a piece of gear they don’t feel is necessary to carry at all. As some of my more frequent readers may recall, I have been slowly reducing the size […]

Ultralight A-Z | Help Fund An Amazing Project

Have you ever noticed how small the UL backpacking blogging community is? We tend to either know one another or, at the very least, know of one another. I like to think of us all, bloggers and readers, as a pretty close-knit community of helpers and givers. I can think of numerous examples where I […]

Emergency Identification – Dog Tags

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that every soldier carries vital identification information around their neck in the form of a set of dog tags. Easily discoverable in an emergency, these typically contain information such as rank, serial number, SSN/blood, and religious preference. Well, in my opinion anyone that spends an extended amount of time in […]

Ultralight Backpacking Boot Camp

The Ultralight Backpacking Boot Camp is a six – nine week online course designed for beginner-to-intermediate backpackers. It covers everything including philosophy, gear, and techniques to give you the confidence to explore wild places with a pack that weighs less than 10 pounds! The course is being offered by Ryan Jordan – ultralight backpacking guru, […]