The ‘BGET’ Esbit Tray Stove is Now in Production

Brian Green Esbit Tray BGET Stove

Ever since I first posted about my frustration with Esbit fuel tablets (more than four years ago now) and my eventual solution of developing a more efficient Esbit tray stove, I have received a steady stream of emails from readers asking if I could make them a stove and sell it to them. Despite giving […]

Baking on an Ultralight Esbit Stove


Trail baking or eating freshly baked breads and pies cooked while on the trail has long been a dream of mine, one that has been out of reach via my UL alcohol/Esbit stove cooking kit, or so I thought. Some months ago I switched to the Flat Cat Gear Snow Leopard (FCGSL) cooking system because […]

Titanium Foil Esbit ‘Tray’ Stove a.k.a ‘BGET’

BGET Titanium Stove

I have a love-hate relationship with Esbit fuel tabs. I want to love them, I really do, but they seem to never work quite right for me so I end up getting frustrated and hating them. The Short Burn Time Issue You may recall that a few weeks ago I posted a blog article about […]

I Really Want to Like Esbit Tabs

[Updated below] The problem is, no matter what type of stove I use, or type of cooking setup I try, I get totally lousy burn times for my Esbit solid fuel tabs. So bad in fact, consistently under 7-8 minutes per tab, that I am unable to bring two cups of 70-degree water to a […]