Ka-Bar Dozier Knife Giveaway

Ka-Bar Dozier Hunter Folding Knife

I don’t know of any other knives for $20 that can beat the Ka-Bar Dozier Hunter. It’s a ridiculously good value and worth considerably more. I running a quick knife giveaway for the blaze orange handle version that I reviewed earlier this year. It comes unboxed and very slightly used, so it would not be a […]

Capsul Wallet – Multipurpose Card Case

Capsul Wallet

When reducing the bulk and weight of a wallet, one challenge that may arise is how best to store a car key, ID, credit card, or change when backpacking, kayaking, or the like. In recent months I have used a Wojo wallet for my ID, essential credit cards, and cash, but its compact design precludes […]

Ka-Bar Dozier Folding Hunter Knife

Ka-Bar Dozier Hunter Folding Knife

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Ka-Bar make great knives. Not just great knives, but legendary and highly functional knives that have stood the test of time. Yet despite knowing that, if you had told me that Ka-Bar could make a serious quality folding knife for $20, that I would actually want […]

Rogue RFID-blocking Front Wallet

Rogue RFID Blocking Wallet

Two Gear Guys is excited about partnering with Brian’s Backpacking Blog as guest contributors. This is one of several upcoming reviews for products that Brian let us check out and give our opinion on. Why, we’re so pumped up about this opportunity, we had to drink a case of Red Bull just to calm down! […]

Wojo Wallet | A Minimalist Wallet that Floats!

The Wojo Wallet Review

The Wojo Wallet is a very cool minimalist wallet that’s made of neoprene, is easy to clean, and floats if dropped in water. For those of you that love the minimalistic approach to carrying a few credit cards, ID, and a small amount of cash, the Wojo Wallet may be right up your alley. I […]

Olight M10 Maverick Flashlight & New Gear Habit…

Olight M10 Maverick Tactical Flashlight

Tactical flashlights or even ordinary flashlights for that matter have never really been my thing. I don’t get very excited about them or obsess over the amount of lumens they have, a particular bulb system, or battery type. I know that a lot of people do judging by forums such as CandlePowerForum that specialize in […]

Nite Ize Inova Swipe-to-Shine Microlight


I’ll be totally honest with you, I do not stay up to speed on flashlight technology. I have several reliable, small LED flashlights that I use as part of my EDC or for backpacking and they work so well for what I need that I have been able to essentially ignore this space. One of […]

The Amazing Flex O Loc Keyring


I’m always on the lookout for gear improvements. Whether it’s a better backpack, shelter, jacket, or even something as small as a keyring – I’m comparing and analyzing. As it turns out, so are many of you! About a month ago I posted a photo on Instagram (shown below) in order to share my EDC […]

Review of the New and Improved Butterfly Wallet

New and improved Butterfly Wallet

Thought I’d share a quick update on one of my all time favorite pieces of ultralight urban gear, the Butterfly Wallet. Several months ago I shared my thoughts on the original Butterfly Wallet that I had been using for some time and many of you liked what you saw. A lot of you bought one, […]

Memorandum Card | World’s Tiniest Notebook

Memorandum Card | World’s Tiniest Notebook

Hailed as the world’s tiniest notebook, the Memorandum Card has been designed to fit into a standard credit card sized wallet slot. This incredibly slim memo pad has an unbelievable 31 sheets of paper in it and is only 1.6 mm thick – oh and it weighs just 6 grams! Below is a photo of […]