BundeZe – Helping you Keep it Together


Miles Smith recently sent me some very cool little gear ties to try out called BundeZe. These small elastic ties have a built in ball stopper, adjustable slide lock, and pull tab that makes them incredibly versatile and super easy to use. They are perfect for keeping small items and gear organized. Finger Friendly BundeZe […]

The LoopAlien Has Landed!

Loop Alien Cord Fastener

Knot tying is a skill and a perishable one at that. If you don’t practice and actually use knots on a regular basis you’re never going to be good at them. For those of you that struggle with tying knots, there are cool little gadgets that can help you – like the LoopAlien. A LoopAlien […]

Rhino Laces – Guaranteed Unbreakable Boot Laces

Rhino Laces Guaranteed Unbreakable

It may not happen all that often, but a broken lace on your hiking boots or shoes can be a real problem especially if you don’t have some suitable cord to make a hasty repair. Enter Rhino Laces the 100% made in the USA, fire, abrasion, cut, and zombie proof laces that will never break […]

OscarDelta Hybrid Kevlar SERE Cord 1505

I do like me some good cord. Some people have a passion for tents, backpacks, stoves, or maybe even a running/hiking shoe fetish. I like some of those too, but cord and knot tying has been a part of my outdoor activities even as a kid. I’ve been testing a sample of a custom made […]

Lawson Glowire | High-Viz Cordage

Lawson Glowire in natural lighting. I love cord. Most of you already know this. It’s good that I do because I seem to have accumulated an awful lot of it over the years. Luckily, there are literally thousands of clever uses for the stuff as any good paracord addict knows. I don’t want to go […]

2mm Dyneema Guyline – Rated 1,000lbs

In a previous post I compared the weight, cost, and strength of various types of popular cordage in an effort to provide as much information as I could about the types of cord I own and have used. I’d like to update that article now to include a new cord that I have recently purchased, […]

Do You Use a Knife Lanyard?

I’ve never felt the need to attach a lanyard or short length of cord to any of the pocket knives that I carry. I’ve been carrying a small EDC (every day carry) blade on my person for well over 15 years now and don’t plan to change that habit any time soon. But one thing […]

Turk’s Head Knot Paracord Woggle

Ok, so this is not strictly backpacking related, but it involves 550 paracord, knot tying, some creative use of wood glue, and the final result is pretty darn cool, so I thought I’d share it anyway. A woggle, for those of you that have never heard the term, is a device used to fasten the […]

Cord Weight/Strength/Cost Comparisons

Over the last few months I’ve been slowly pulling together a spreadsheet of specifications about different types of cordage that are commonly use by backpackers and hikers with the intent of being able to slice and dice the information in several different ways, by weight, strength, diameter, etc. I’ve recently completed the comparison table using […]