Hungry Hikers Meal Review

Hungry Hikers Meals

Hungry Hikers sent Murray’s Hurried Currie, Three Sisters Scramble and Chicken Pot Pie for me to take into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness last week. Each meal is freeze dried and packaged up into meals for two. I had two captive test subjects with me on the trip that agreed to be unbiased guinea […]

Backpacking Grill from Lawson Outdoor Equipment

lawson grill feat

I recently had the opportunity to try out a Backpacker’s Grill, from Lawson Outdoor Equipment. It’s just a 5” x 12” grill, with a frame made from high quality 304 stainless steel, constructed using a .187” round rod. The cross bars are made from .125” rod, welded to the frame. I’ve seen small cheap grills that […]

Backpacking Meals: What to Eat on the Trail


Photo by Dave Giordano One of my personal battles with backpacking is always the question, what am I going to eat on the trail? I love hiking long distances and setting up camp but I don’t love freeze-dried backpacking meals. I used to pack my backpack full of granola bars and trail mix and try […]

Share Your Thoughts – Win a Solo Stove

Solo stove

Way back in August of 2012 I was contacted by Jeff of Solo Stove to see if I would be interested in testing one of his stoves and sharing my thoughts via my blog. I was just one of many outdoor bloggers that he contacted. Here are a few notable blogs that have reviewed the […]

SNCTOOL Universal Alcohol Stove Kit


I first heard about SNCTOOL gear through a comment that was left last year on a blog post teaser of the Kupilka 21 cup giveaway. Curious about this new manufacturer I followed up via email to find out more about the gear and the person behind it. I’m so glad that I did. I discovered that […]

Baking on an Ultralight Esbit Stove


Trail baking or eating freshly baked breads and pies cooked while on the trail has long been a dream of mine, one that has been out of reach via my UL alcohol/Esbit stove cooking kit, or so I thought. Some months ago I switched to the Flat Cat Gear Snow Leopard (FCGSL) cooking system because […]

BioLite Camp Stove – Quick Look! (video)


I’ve been waiting for the new BioLite Camp Stove to arrive for what seems like a very long time now, more than two years. Well, that day finally arrived on Monday and I’m very excited about testing it out. I haven’t had much time to use it, I posted photos and more videos on my […]

Backcountry Boiler Unpacking | Quick Look

Well my Backcountry Boiler has just arrived (Christmas eve) and I bummed mostly because I won’t have much time to fiddle with it over the next few days. The new sleeve casing/cover looks like a great enhancement so I’m pleased that I chose this version instead of the regular neoprene sleeve. The laser etching on […]

Flat Cat Gear | Snow Leopard Cook System

For the past few months I’ve been putting a prototype cooking system, designed specifically for use with popular UL mugs, through its paces for Flat Cat Gear. The system I’ve been testing is called the Snow Leopard and is a scaled-down version of their popular Bobcat setup that is used with larger pots. I recently […]

All New BioLite CampStove | Reserve Yours!

I wanted to share some new information about the BioLite CampStove that was brought to my attention by Steve and Andy. It appears that the BioLite is now available for pre-order for those of you that want to reserve one for 2012 – and it’s had some significant enhancements since our first glimpse. Clearly it’s […]