Backpacking Without a Stove – Simple Non-Cook Meal Plan

Backpacking without a stove

Most of you know me as being somewhat of a backpacking stove geek. I don’t exactly hide the fact, but I am trying to get it under control. Just a few months ago I mentioned that when the conditions are right I occasionally like to go backpacking without a stove or any other cooking equipment […]

Coffee Brewer Starter Kit Giveaway!

It seems that my recent blog post about the the Grower’s Cup trail coffee pouches has created quite a stir (pun intended)¬†among¬†the outdoor and backpacking community and for very good reason. In fact you may want to brace yourself for a flurry of new blog reviews being posted in the coming weeks – I can’t […]

Coffeebrewer | Trail Coffee at its Best!

If there was just one reason to carry an ultralight stove with my on the trail it would not be for cooking or heating meals, it would be for making hot coffee! I don’t drink a lot of coffee, I have a self-imposed limit of one cup a day, but I do enjoy my daily […]