Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Dog Food

Merrick Backcountry Dog Food Review

I’ve noticed that as my chocolate lab Coco has gotten older her eating habits have changed. We rescued Coco as a young dog approximately two years old so we never really had her as a puppy. When she was young she would devour any amount of food that we put out for her as soon […]

Ultralight Platypus Dog Chews

Platypus hydration bags are relatively indestructible and are definitely known to last a long time even with heavy abuse. However, leave one where your 85lb Lab can get to it and it becomes just another dog chew, albeit a rather expensive one. Lesson learned, one half of my ultralight water gravity filter (my clean bag) […]

Hiking with Coco

I just got back from a weekend backpacking trip to South Mountain (NC) with my chocolate lab, Coco, best friend Andy, and his son Logan. We had fantastic weather and a lot of fun (video clips to follow soon). Here’s a great picture of me and Coco stopping to pose in front of the mountains […]

Coco Snoozing

Here’s a quick snap of our pup taking a nap on the kitchen floor after a busy day of not doing very much at all – that’s her favorite past time, along with being spoiled by Jack and Maggie. She’s a GREAT dog and has already fit in with daily life in the Green household. […]

Fifth member of the Green family

Say hello to Coco (formerly Java) our new four-legged friend. She is a gorgeous 2-year old chocolate colored Lab that we brought home yesterday from her foster home. She’s been amazing, sleeping through the night on her new bed, going for walks and doing her business, playing ball with Jack in the back yard and […]