Outdoor Products Amphibian 20L Waterproof Pack

Outdoor Products Amphibian 20L Pack

The Outdoor Products Amphibian Weather Defense backpack is a 20L waterproof pack that earned the #1 spot in a recent Backpacker Magazine rating of waterproof packs. I am in the process of introducing my children to canoeing, and given their penchant for inviting water into the craft, I was intrigued by the opportunity to review […]

Hanchor Cobble Backpack and Ripple Pack

Hanchor Cobble Backpack

Like many people with a penchant for backcountry exploration, I am always eager to test the features and abilities of new packs to determine their virtues. The Hanchor packs featured in this review arrived for testing shortly before a four-day, three-night trek in the Linville Gorge Wilderness of North Carolina. While no Cobble pack is […]

How to Dye a Ripstop Nylon Backpack

How to Dye a Nylon Ripstop Backpack

There has been a lot of discussion on backpacking forums and other hiking blogs about the subject of how to dye a (coated) ripstop nylon backpack or whether it can even be done. I love a detailed discussion as much as the next person, but there’s usually only one sure way to know whether or […]

Review: Pacsafe Z28 Urban Security Backpack

Protect Your Gear from Thieves with the Pacsafe Z28 Urban Security Backpack

I recently wrote a review of the Pacsafe Z28 Urban Security Backpack for the ITS Tactical blog. I thought I’d share a link to it here for those of you who might be interested in learning more about it. In today’s connected and technology-driven world, it’s hard to go anywhere without the need to take […]

Jetflow Hydration Pack | Guest Review

Jetflow Tomahawk Review

In 1998 I was living in Kailua Kona Hawaii and had been running a little bit off and on but got super fired up after watching the Kona International Triathlon. The start and finish line was less than a quarter mile from the Pizza joint I worked at and for about 10 days before the […]

Ribz Front Pack | Reader Review

Ribz Frontpack review

Please join me in welcoming Maggie and Wesley as the first readers of Brian’s Backpacking Blog to become guest gear reviewers! Brian was so gracious to provide me with some Ribz Front Pack from RibzWear to test out and review for all my fellow BBB readers. I was finally able to get out of the […]

Gossamer Gear Gorilla Voted ‘Most Versatile’ by Backpacker Magazine


Thought I’d share a review I saw in the latest Backpacker Magazine email newsletter of five ultralight multiday backpacks. Here’s a breakdown of the five packs that were chosen and how they ended up ranking them: Best all-around: GoLite Jam 50 Most stable: Osprey Exos 46 Lightest: ZPacks Exo Light and large: Mountain Laurel Designs […]

How to Choose & Use a Backpack | Infographic

How to Choose & Use a Backpack | Infographic

I thought I’d share this very useful infographic from REI about how to choose and correctly use a backpack. I know the question comes up in discussion all the time, so hopefully you’ll find this helpful! Huge thanks to REI and their expert advice team for providing such great content! Full version below :-)

2012 Gorilla UL Backpack | Updating a Classic

2012 Gorilla UL Backpack | Updating a Classic

It’s hard to improve something when you hit a homerun on your first attempt, and as impossible as it sounds, that was exactly the goal that the guys at Gossamer Gear set for themselves; update and improve the award-winning Gorilla ultralight backpack while staying true (as much as possible) to the original. The Gorilla ultralight […]

The All New Murmur | Hyperlight Reinvented

Later today Gossamer Gear will be unveiling a redesigned version of their popular ultralight backpack, the Murmur. As a Trail Ambassador for GG, I’ve had the pleasure of putting one of the new Murmur backpacks through its paces over the last few days in order to provide my initial feedback. I took the Murmur out […]