Altitude Adapt Review – Reader Testing Results

Altitude Adapt Lozenges

My name is Jeremy and I hate altitude sickness (furthermore referred to AMS for Acute Mountain Sickness). I grew up at the base of several ten-thousand foot mountains in sunny southern California, and most of my childhood was spent driving from where I lived (1,200 ft) to the beautiful snow capped heaven that was those […]

Altitude Adapt | Reader Testing Results

Altitude Adapt

I’d like to thank Brian Green for the opportunity to be a tester for a product called Altitude Adapt. This product is promoted as an aid to reduce altitude sickness. My background: I’ve been an avid hiker / ultralight backpacker since 1993. I have been on many trips that were rated strenuous and have experienced […]

Altitude Adapt | Gear Testers Announced

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to leave a detailed comment on the Altitude Adapt Gear Tester post in order to be entered as part of the product testing and giveaway. There weren’t as many responses as I had hoped for, but the criteria to be eligible may have been a factor […]

Summiting Mt. Whitney Without AMS

Earlier this year I successfully summited Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the contiguous US, after almost exactly one year to the week that I had to give up on a previous attempt due to acute mountain sickness (AMS), or altitude sickness. Thankfully I didn’t have any issues or symptoms of AMS this time round because […]

High Altitude Gear Testers Wanted!

I’ll bet that many of you have read my gear reviews and thought “heck, I could do that if I was given free gear” or “how hard could that be?” Well continue reading to find out how five lucky readers can get the opportunity to score some free gear samples and write a review of […]

Mt. Whitney Bound…Again!

On Saturday morning I will be flying to California to spend a couple of days backpacking the Mt. Whitney portal trail with my good friend Ben Tang. This will be my second attempt to summit Whitney. If you recall, at about this time last year I made the same trip but was unable to reach […]

It’s All About Color! – Outdoor Retailer Show

I had a great time at the 2012 Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City this past week. It was my first time attending and I have to admit that it was quite overwhelming, in a good way. My mind is spinning with ideas for follow up blog posts, so stay tuned for more specific […]

Hydration 101 | Water Enhancers?

One of the biggest problems I have with staying hydrated is that water on it’s own tastes bland. There’s nothing better than when I’m on the trail and I have the luxury of drinking from an ice cold mountain stream. Even after being filtered, the crisp, cold taste of the naturally flowing water is hard […]

Are Dome Tents Best For Mountain Hiking?

I’m considering buying a one-person tent. I think I’m going to need it for my second trip to Mt. Whitney later this summer, but that’s sort of a new thing for me having gotten used to a tarp and bivy combo and before that a hammock. The only tents I have are for ‘family’ camping. […]

Mt. Whitney and Altitude Sickness

Last week I traveled to the West Coast to meet up with Jason Klass and Ben Tang (Ben2World) for a multi-day hike up Mt. Whitney with the ultimate goal of reaching the summit. However, due to increasingly severe symptoms of altitude sickness I had to turn back at around 13,500ft and wasn’t able to top […]