BundeZe – Helping you Keep it Together


Miles Smith recently sent me some very cool little gear ties to try out called BundeZe. These small elastic ties have a built in ball stopper, adjustable slide lock, and pull tab that makes them incredibly versatile and super easy to use. They are perfect for keeping small items and gear organized. Finger Friendly BundeZe […]

Helle Alden Knife Giveaway ::Winner Announced::

Helle Alden Bushcraft Knife

I’m giving away a beautiful Helle Alden bushcraft knife worth $100 to one lucky reader. The Alden has a razor sharp non-laminated blade made from Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel and gorgeous curly birch handle with stainless steel fittings. It comes with a genuine leather pouch style sheath. This is a straight forward giveaway (the first […]

Choosing Shoes for GORUCK Challenge

Columbia Drainmakers GORUCK Challenge

I get asked at least once a week for advice on the best shoes to wear for doing a GORUCK Challenge. I’ve worn and tested a lot of different shoes and boots for trail running and backpacking over the years and have discovered what works for my feet and my way of hiking, running, and […]

The LoopAlien Has Landed!

Loop Alien Cord Fastener

Knot tying is a skill and a perishable one at that. If you don’t practice and actually use knots on a regular basis you’re never going to be good at them. For those of you that struggle with tying knots, there are cool little gadgets that can help you – like the LoopAlien. A LoopAlien […]

Duke’s Small Batch Smoked Meats + Giveaway!

Duke's Smoked Meats

As many of you know I have a fondness for good jerky. I love to make my own paleo-friendly jerky using my dehydrator and always have it with me on a hike – I’ve even been known to share it on occasion. Anyway, it seems that the word is out and that news of my jerky […]

Eagle Creek UL Dopp Kit Bag – Goodbye Ziplocs!

Eagle Creek Ultralight Dopp Kit Bag

Lately I’ve felt as though the quest for lightweight outdoor gear has taken all of the glamour and excitement out of backpacking and hiking. We’ve boiled it down to an exact science driven by weight reduction and peak performance. We have forced ourselves to live out of disposable packets like flimsy ziploc bags and drinking […]

Beyond Our Boundaries: A Family Backpacking Video Series of Their AT Thru-Hike


By Damien Tougas, Here we are, less than three months before we hit the trailhead at Springer Mountain, and things are a little crazy. Amidst gear preparation, a Kickstarter campaign launch, and daily family life, I sometimes wonder how it was we got to this point. It certainly didn’t happen overnight. The seed was planted […]

Wojo Wallet Giveaway and BOGO Code

Wojo Wallet Giveaway

My good friends at Wojo Wallet have given me a bunch of their excellent little ultralight wallets to give away to the readers of Brian’s Backpacking Blog as a way of saying thank you. Last year I published a review of the Wojo Wallet in which there was a link to their website. Several of […]

Rhino Laces – Guaranteed Unbreakable Boot Laces

Rhino Laces Guaranteed Unbreakable

It may not happen all that often, but a broken lace on your hiking boots or shoes can be a real problem especially if you don’t have some suitable cord to make a hasty repair. Enter Rhino Laces the 100% made in the USA, fire, abrasion, cut, and zombie proof laces that will never break […]

Backpacking Grill from Lawson Outdoor Equipment

lawson grill feat

I recently had the opportunity to try out a Backpacker’s Grill, from Lawson Outdoor Equipment. It’s just a 5” x 12” grill, with a frame made from high quality 304 stainless steel, constructed using a .187” round rod. The cross bars are made from .125” rod, welded to the frame. I’ve seen small cheap grills that […]

GO-ID Personal Identification Kit


A while back, Brian sent me a neat little thingy called the GO-ID. ( The “ID” is for “identification”, not the ‘Id’, which is the part of your unconscious mind that relates to your basic needs and desires. Let’s clear that up now to avoid any potential confusion.) In a nutshell, the GO-ID is a […]

Earth Runner Minimalist Sandals

earth runner feat

Okay, so I am a “barefoot” guy. I’ve been doing the “barefoot” thing for a little over 3 years now and cannot imagine re-joining the ranks of the shod. As such, I am always eager to try out new products aimed at my demographic. Enter Earth Runners–one of the latest entries into the huarache-style sandal […]

Only One of Something

Only One of Something

It’s a simple concept. How would things change if you had only one of something? one backpack, one stove, one knife, one shelter, one jacket? I saw this question asked online recently by a friend and felt inspired to do something about it for myself. It beautifully summed up how I have been feeling about […]

Rogue RFID-blocking Front Wallet

Rogue RFID Blocking Wallet

Two Gear Guys is excited about partnering with Brian’s Backpacking Blog as guest contributors. This is one of several upcoming reviews for products that Brian let us check out and give our opinion on. Why, we’re so pumped up about this opportunity, we had to drink a case of Red Bull just to calm down! […]