Only One of Something

Only One of Something

It’s a simple concept. How would things change if you had only one of something? one backpack, one stove, one knife, one shelter, one jacket? I saw this question asked online recently by a friend and felt inspired to do something about it for myself. It beautifully summed up how I have been feeling about […]

Rogue RFID-blocking Front Wallet

Rogue RFID Blocking Wallet

Two Gear Guys is excited about partnering with Brian’s Backpacking Blog as guest contributors. This is one of several upcoming reviews for products that Brian let us check out and give our opinion on. Why, we’re so pumped up about this opportunity, we had to drink a case of Red Bull just to calm down! […]

Extreme Ultralite Towel from Discovery Trekking

Discovery Trekking Outfitters Extreme Ultralight backpacking towel

The Discovery Trekking Extreme Ultralite Towel has very quickly become one of my must have pieces of gear. In fact I really wish I had stumbled upon this nifty little towel much sooner. I’ve been using it for backpacking and crossfit for the past six months. I recently took it to Texas with me for […]

Thanksgiving Section Hike on Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail Section Hike - Stecoah Gap to NOC

I recently went on a short section hike of the Appalachian Trail (AT) with Chad (aka Stick of Stick’s Blog) and friends to connect a section that has alluded one of our group for far too long. The hike took us south bound from Stecoah Gap to the Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC) with a night at […]

No Whey! A Paleo Protein Powder Option

Paleo Protein Powder (PaleoPro) 15% discount code

Since starting Crossfit over eighteen months ago I’ve been getting more and more serious about eating a paleo diet. Crossfit and paleo go hand in hand and both have been working great for me with fantastic results. As I get more strict about eating paleo I find myself looking more closely at the food I […]

Black Friday Deals on Outdoor Gear

black friday deals on backpacking gear

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great opportunities to save a lot of money on the gear that you’ve been eyeing all year long. If you’re a savvy shopper and have been waiting to maximize your money then here are a couple of great gear companies having amazing sales that you might want to take […]

Trekr Ultralight Washcloth by Lunatec

trekr ultralight washcloth

I recently went on a trip to Savage Gulf State Natural Area in lovely Tennessee. It had rained heavily the day before, so everything was soaked and dirty. (It is, after all, the outdoors.) After setting up camp and gathering firewood, my hands were pretty dirty, to say the least. Brian had sent us a […]

Trail Tested: The LifeProof Frē Case for iPhone5


Let me start by saying that I don’t really care for iPhone cases. I don’t like the extra bulk and weight they add to the phone, even though they are providing some much needed protection to my precious gadget. Until recently, the closest I had come to case “happiness” was with the Belkin Grip Candy […]

Getting My Flat Feet Ready to Hike 2,650 Miles


Guest post by Kelly Ellzey: It all started when we made the decision last year to check off one of our “Bucket List” items and hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). For those of you who don’t know, the PCT starts at the Mexican/Californian border, follows the crests of the Sierras and then the Cascades, ending up at the […]

Camelbak Elixir Electrolyte Replacement Tablets

Camelbak Elixir Electrolyte Replacement Tablets

Guest Gear Review by Two Gear Guys: A few weeks ago, I started a running program. Since I have never really been ‘a runner’, I knew it was going to be somewhat difficult. However, it was a couch to 5k program, so it didn’t kill me right away, which I appreciated. One thing I learned […]

Easy Open Hack for DIY Single Use Antibiotic Packs

Easy Open Hack for DIY Anti Biotic Pouches

The DIY Single Use Antibiotic Packs article I published in June of 2011 is by far the most popular post on my blog. It has been shared, pinned, referenced, and republished over and over again because it is a simple idea with thousands of applications and uses. However, there is one question that gets asked […]

How to Dye a Ripstop Nylon Backpack

How to Dye a Nylon Ripstop Backpack

There has been a lot of discussion on backpacking forums and other hiking blogs about the subject of how to dye a (coated) ripstop nylon backpack or whether it can even be done. I love a detailed discussion as much as the next person, but there’s usually only one sure way to know whether or […]

Our JMT Thru Hike, What Worked & What Didn’t

Our JMT Thru Hike, What Worked & What Didn't

So I know that everyone has been wondering exactly how our John Muir Trail thru hike went, and more specifically what worked and what didn’t. From a gear side of things we were pretty well dialed in from the get go. True, we had to overnight some shoes while on the trail and subsequently swap […]

TrailPix Ultralight Tripod on Kickstarter

TrailPix Ultralight Tripod on Kickstarter

The TrailPix Ultralight Tripod weighs less than an iPhone (24g), fits in your pocket, is fast to set up, and can support a full-size DSLR with a telephoto lens. It’s the first ultralight minimalist tripod that works like a full-size tripod by leveraging the trekking poles you are already carrying. Multiple Design Iterations Regular readers […]