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The ‘BGET’ Esbit Tray Stove is Now in Production

BGET Stove Production Version

Ever since I first posted about my frustration with Esbit fuel tablets (more than four years ago now) and my eventual solution of developing a more efficient Esbit tray stove, I have received a steady stream of emails from readers asking if I could make them a stove and sell it to them.

Despite giving away the instructions, a step-by-step guide, and a template, some people simply didn’t want to fiddle with making the stove themselves. That’s fine, I totally get it. For a while I tried making my Esbit tray stoves for those that asked and sold them for a few bucks just to cover shipping, but I didn’t have enough materials or the time to do it on a frequent or scalable basis.

Successful DIY Builds

Others have been making my stoves themselves and sharing their results via the Backpacking Light forums. John Abela of posted a wonderful, detailed review and analysis of my Esbit tray stove via his blog. John was the one who first coined the term “BGET” or Brian Green Esbit Tray stove. The name has stuck ever since.

BGET Stove Goes Into Production

BGET Stove Production Version

I was recently contacted by Dan Yeruski of Zelph Stoves to ask if he could make and sell my BGET stove under license on his site. I worked with Dan to provide some additional instructions and feedback on what the stove package should contain.

BGET Stove Production Version

One change that was made was to switch from the titanium foil that I had originally used and instead to use 309 stainless steel foil. I had discovered myself that that thin titanium foil can easily work harden and snap during the folds that were needed to make the stove. I had many unsuccessful attempts early on. Switching to stainless steel avoided this problem without impacting the weight or efficiency of the stove. The 309 stainless steel Dan has chosen can withstand temperatures up to 2,100 degrees and an Esbit fuel tablet only produces 1,400 degrees.

BGET Stove Production Version

Where to Purchase BGET Stove

The production version of the BGET stove is now available for purchase exclusively via Zelph Stoves. The production version includes a ready-made 309 stainless steel BGET stove and comes bundled with a radiant heat reflector, three sealed Esbit fuel tablets, and an ultralight stove storage container to protect the stove when being transported – all for $9.95.

BGET Stove Production Version


  • BGET Stove – 309 Stainless Steel – 1.0 grams
  • Heat reflector for maximum burn efficiency – 0.5 grams
  • Ultralight storage container – 2.9 grams

BGET Stove Template Still Available

Everyone is still more than welcome to download the PDF template and instructions to make the BGET stove for themselves, but for those of you that can’t or don’t want to make one there is now an easy and affordable option.

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  • Alex D

    Hi Brian, can you please tell me what the optimum pot stand height is?

  • Feather in the Wind

    I like the idea of this for a backup stove that is lightweight. I’m a dual fuel lover.