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CertHero – An Easier Outdoor Certification Search


Meet Logan Randolph – professional mountaineering guide, ski patroller and outdoor certification guru. The last part may seem a little out of place. After years of working outdoors, Logan (and his partner Sam Aarons) founded the first centralized site for finding outdoor courses and certifications. It’s pretty awesome.

Find the Perfect Course for You

CertHero solves a problem that I’ve faced and many of you probably have as well – signing up for wilderness first aid and other outdoor certifications can be frustrating and unnecessarily complicated. First of all, whether you are a serious or purely recreational outdoorsmen I recommend looking into getting certified and taking courses. Courses in wilderness medicine are a great way to meet new people and prepare yourself for unexpected emergencies. They’re also a lot of fun – most involve outdoor disaster scenarios complete with fake injuries and fake blood and bones.


Signing up for classes can often entail searching dozens of separate websites trying to find the appropriate dates, locations and certifications. CertHero aggregates courses from NOLS, SOLO, Wild Med, and most other outdoor educators. You can easily browse courses (from all providers) in one place. You can even sort by location or type of certification and book the course right from the CertHero website. Beyond that, CertHero offers detailed information on these courses.

We’re All Better Off

“Tons of people are interested in outdoor medicine,” Logan told me, “but they’re not sure how to get started. Our goal is to provide information on courses and make scheduling easier. Hopefully more people will get certified.” Logan also added “The more outdoor people have certifications, the better off we all are. In the front country and the wilderness.”

Check out the website and Logan’s latest blog post on course selection.

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  • Looks like a great resource. Not much in my area, but hopefully more classes and locations will be added.

  • Lori

    Looks like a great start. I hope the website will continue to grow to include other certifications in the Outdoor field since there are so many!