Capsul Wallet – Multipurpose Card Case

Capsul Wallet

When reducing the bulk and weight of a wallet, one challenge that may arise is how best to store a car key, ID, credit card, or change when backpacking, kayaking, or the like. In recent months I have used a Wojo wallet for my ID, essential credit cards, and cash, but its compact design precludes holding change or a key. The Capsul wallet (seen below in Acid Green) is one solution to this problem.

More Than Just a Wallet

Capsul Wallet

Constructed of 100% “virgin polypropylene plastic” (Capsul’s phrasing), the Capsul Multipurpose Card Case is a cleverly hinged box that offers light weight (20g/ 0.7oz ) and a low profile (13mm/ .51 in) while also providing a means of securely holding a car or house key or some change in addition to whatever cards or cash you may wish to carry. The web site verbiage says it will hold up to 12 credit cards or 50 business cards. The design works because the bottom ¾ inch or so of the case forms a pocket, holding the loose contents; thereafter the polypropylene sides are hinged, allowing access to the case’s contents without causing the contents to spill out (well, with a little caution and practice, anyway).

A second hinged piece folds over to close the case shut with a confidence-inspiring click. I have not had it open on me by accident. What about crushing, you might ask? Well, the Capsul wallet seems pretty durable: the curved edges of it provide a nice, smooth hand feel, but it looks like they also distribute external forces to prevent the case from getting crushed by moderate amounts of weight or force. Capsul claims the hinges will last five years of daily use and offers a free replacement within three years of the case’s manufacturing date (don’t lose your receipt).

Capsul Wallet

My wife has used the Capsul as her go-to wallet for pool trips with our boys most of the summer; she has not experienced any problems. I like it for certain sorts of trips, too. I recently wanted to take some change for drink machines with me on a recent trip to a local marina, so I slipped the Capsul into my pack. It worked well.

Perfect for a Mini First Aid Kit

But the Capsul wallet is not without some modest limitations, too. Loose change or keys makes quite a racket in this case, something that might be great for warning off wildlife, but something I avoid in general, preferring a quieter presence in the wilderness. And–while Capsul notes that the case will protect the case’s contents if you are caught in a rain shower, it isn’t waterproof: don’t jump in a lake and expect the contents to remain dry (though the case, being polypropylene, will suffer no ill effects from the wetting). The case’s design lends itself to multiple applications, too. I imagine a creative camper could find multiple uses for such a case–a mini-first aid kit, backwoods repair kit, etc. All told, the Capsul wallet case makes an interesting option for those seeking its feature set, and–at around $10–it won’t break the bank.

Contributor Bio | Robin French

Editor’s Note: Please join me in welcoming Robin French as a contributor to Brian’s Backpacking Blog – Robin is a teacher living in High Point, NC. A love of nature is the common thread of his experiences: if he has free time, he is in nature, alone or with friends and family. He enjoys DIY/MYOG projects and fiddling with his gear. He writes about his experiences and projects on his blog and YouTube channel and shares his reviews as a member of the volunteer Review Corps at He has followed Brian’s Backpacking Blog for quite some time, and we are thrilled to finally have him onboard as a regular contributor.

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  • Don Milligan

    I am liking this to use as a FAK (First Aid Kit).

    • Brian Green

      Absolutely Don. One of the top suggestions on their website is to use the Capsul case as a small FAK. Get a red one or white one and add a contrasting red/white cross on the front!

  • yaknandpakn

    Got one of these and love it as my every day wallet also. Have been using it for quite some time. Easy to slip in a pocket. Holds cash and cards safely. Love it.