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Helle Alden Knife Giveaway ::Winner Announced::

Helle Alden Giveaway

I’m giving away a beautiful Helle Alden bushcraft knife worth $100 to one lucky reader. The Alden has a razor sharp non-laminated blade made from Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel and gorgeous curly birch handle with stainless steel fittings. It comes with a genuine leather pouch style sheath.

This is a straight forward giveaway (the first of many hopefully) to say thanks for your continued support. To be entered into the drawing for this giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment below describing which knife you currently carry with you when hiking and why. It’s that easy!

On Monday March 24th I’ll use to select a winner from all of the eligible comments. Feel free to share, tweet, and pin this with your friends. Good luck to everyone! // Brian

Winner Selected


Disclosure: The author of Brian’s Backpacking Blog was provided with a complimentary sample of this product by Sport Hansa for the purpose of evaluation, testing, and feedback. He was under no obligation to publish a review or conduct a gear giveaway. His thoughts are his own.

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  • Scott H

    I currently carry a basic, cheap folder because it’s all I have right now. Been looking to get a fixed blade bushcraft style, though! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • HikerMom

    I carry the Light My Fire Swedish fire knife, for hiking and canoe camping; it is light, sharp, meets most cutting needs, and has the extra fire starting capability.

  • Ken Davis

    Currently carry a folding CRKT. Why- I’m looking for a quality fixed blade.

  • Kevin Knipp

    I have 3 I carry while hiking. 1. Gerber mutli-tool (ok, maybe not a real knife). 2, Boker Magnum Stealth (folder), and an inexpensive Remington Survival knife. The Multi-tool is great go to everyman carry tool. The Boker is a great legal folder that I can carry everyday and after using for over a year it’s still sharp and never let me down. The ‘Survival knife’ I’ve seen bad reviews on, but it’s the only fixed blade I own. It’s one of those things that need to be replaced (was given as a gift).

  • Pace Petrella

    I’ve been carrying my Cold Steel Master Hunter. Sharp as sin, nice grippy handle for traction, full tang, and a great belly for the slicing cuts. I also have a Victorinox Huntsman. Amazing multi-tooled knife.

  • Bentbrook

    My current carry is the LMF/Mora FireKnife. It is light, multifunctional, and effective. Great opportunity, Brian. Thank you!

  • Andy Woods

    Only care a fixed blade when I’m deer hunting. Right now that’s a Buck Nighthawk, but it’s really to big. When just backpacking, I carry a Gerber paraframe and a multi-tool.

  • Angus Ancheta

    Only knife I carry is the one on my Leatherman Style CS…I don’t think you can consider that a knife really :/

  • russell

    I carry a buck folding knife because it is durable and sharp

  • christosks

    I change out what I carry, but I usually have either my Kershaw Blur, SOG Flash 2 or my Spyderco Delica. That plus a multitool as back up. Although I tend to favor the SOG as it carries low in the pocket which makes it easy to still get your hand in and out of your pocket.

  • Ahmad F.

    I carry a Morakniv Companion because it’s lightweight, cheap ($13), and sharp. I don’t have to worry about abusing or losing it.

  • Kyle

    I carry a leather man squirt for long distance trips and a becker bk2 for weekends where I’m staying put a bit more.

  • Rustynutz

    I have an old pocketknife I carry it was made by my grandfather so I like to have it with me….I also carry a cheap Rambo knife from harbor freight tools can be used for many things, plus it was very cheap so if it is broken or lost I’m still good!

  • Chris Cherasaro

    generally I will carry my Esee Zancudo which has become one of my favorite knives for EDC but…. On overnight trips and long distance hikes – one where I know I will use my knife for everything I carry the Benchmade Griptillian full size tanto serrated cut because that thing is a workhorse and has never let me down. If I am feeling like packing heavy I may bring the Boker Plus Coye Ridgeback too. Love this blog! Has been a lot of help to get advice and my goto when shopping new gear! Love the giveaways too! Thanks Brian!!

  • Jerry Starcevic

    Bushwacker Explorer, or leatherman wave.

  • Jim Furkmire

    Beautiful knife. I use an EsKabar currently. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Dover Pro

    I like my Buck lock-back folder in the pocket, and a sheathed KA-BAR, an old friend I have owned for years and years. Both are meet my needs for the light hiking I do these days.

  • Erick Saint

    This would blow my SOG folder away for usefulness.

  • Adan Cortes

    I am guilty of carrying a Cold Steel Trailmaster that weights more than one of your base setups , but I like it so much I can’t help it ….

  • Matthew

    Awesome! Currently I am beating up a condor bushlore, it’s nice- and learning how to sharpen using it, wish it was a bit tougher steel but still a blessing!

  • Nick Nolte

    CRKT M16-10K tanto folder. It’s just what I’ve always carried everywhere.

  • Beth Ketchum Wilson

    I carried a Smith and Wesson “Special Ops”, until I misplaced it :(

  • Nick

    I currently carry a Ka-Bar Short USMC knife, which was a gift from my father. From what I’ve put it through the last few years, I believe it is virtually indestructible.

  • Josh C.

    I carry my trusty Leatherman Wave with me everywhere, especially when hiking! I’ve been looking for a quality fixed blade knife, please consider me in this give away. Thanks!

  • Roman rehor

    I carry a buck knife because it was given to me by my father 40 years ago.

  • CRAusmus

    I either carry my Mora Classic, or my CRKT M16-12z. I’d love to replace the Classic with this knife. It’s exactly what I’m looking for in a replacement for such a great knife. Thanks for holding the giveaway Brian.

  • Jeremy David Wright

    Helle temagami because it’s one of the best quality and best feeling knifes I own

  • Jon M

    A Delica and sometimes an Ontario TAK if I think I might have some heavier chores while I’m out.

  • Hiking the Good Hike

    During my Appalachian Trail thru hike last year I carried a Gerber STL 2.5. It’s nothing fancy but it was the perfect size and weight for my thru hiking needs (opening stubborn food packaging more than anything else).

  • Tutter Ball

    I carry my Mora knife or my Gerber LMF II. Will soon have a speh custom knives bird knife that will go with me as well.

  • Tollermom

    The little folding knife I carry doesn’t even have a name…nor a sharp edge I’ve discovered. Sure could use this one!

  • ussgrant

    I currently use a Gerber folding sheath knife. Not a big fan, but it’s what I gots.

  • Corey

    I carry a mora as I am just getting into it.

  • lightrocker

    I carry a 12 inch slim Opinel. Is extra sharp and holds an edge for a long time. It’s also very light and perfect for food prep.

  • MPrice

    I carry the tiniest Swiss army knife I can find, but my husband would love this one!

  • Treeswing

    Mostly my spyderco since it’s always on my pocket. A basic MoraKniv for longer trips.

  • Tim Gregory

    I carry a Leatherman for the most part, the Charge TTI. I frequently also carry a SOG Seal Pup. Great idea for a giveaway!

  • Pablo Martínez

    I currently carry a ESEE 4 knife, because it has demonstrated to be a tough and reliable tool that makes my camping trips easier and more fun.

  • Rick95037

    I use a Mora Robust. It looks good! It’s great for fire starting, batoning limbs, and cutting cheese. It holds a great edge and feels good in my hand.

  • Eric Nelson

    I use a Victorinox, It is small and light.

  • Joe W

    Most often just an old Buck folder I’ve had for over 15 years. Don’t even know what model it is anymore… I still carry it though because it’s always been dependable and using it that long it is more of an extension of my hand than something I have to think about holding, opening, or closing. Love this old knife, but an upgrade may be just right for times where I need more than a folder.

  • Barb

    I carry a Victorinox that my daughter gave me.

  • John Pavoncello

    I carry a Spyderco and a custom bushcraft knife. BTW March 25 is my birthday so this would be a great Bday present!! :)

  • Юра Гагарин

    hey thanks for the giveaway, I got 2, glock 78 (heavy work) and mora 749 ( more delicate jobs). mora is my backup and i mostly use glock its multi edged first 2 inches are about 25 degrees and rest of it is somewhat hallow original grind 30 or 35 not really sure. why im using it? because i can batton with it with out caring much about scratches and all, not that its the price but its very durable blade.

  • Brooks H

    I tend to favor my CRKT M16-14T…t’s solid when open and not too heavy for its size (titanium handle) – if I need a heavier duty blade I carry a fixed blade Gerber LMF II.

  • Josh Rubin

    I carry the CRKT minimalist bowie. I like the feel of this fixed-blade knife in the hand. it is small but gives great leverage with the finger groves. And when I am less concerned with weight (edc) my knife is a leatherman charge. I am a fixed-blade/lock-blade only sort of person.

  • Wanderlady

    I carry an old (OLD -probably vintage) pocket knife that i found in the rafters of our old shed, it was so well greased all it needed was a sharpen. But, disturbing it from it’s mummified state has seen rust starting to show in the joints.

  • Peter

    Opinel No. 6. Simple, effective, and classy.

  • Teresa K.

    Don’t laugh, but my husband finally got me into hiking, he carries a knife not sure of the brand but it is quite nice, me on the other hand currently do not have or carry a knife but I would love to have a quality knife to start carrying on our hiked … So there ya go, like I said do not laugh at me for I am new to the hiking fun :-)

  • Kent Ek

    That is one sweet knife but the answer to your question isanodized TI Higonokami

  • Jason


  • Andrew Downie

    I carry a Ka-Bar (went to the mini from the full sized one a few years ago) and/or a Leatherman Skeletool CX. I carry the Ka-Bar because it is tough as nails. The Leatherman is a good daily carry tool…

    If I had to choose one, I’d probably keep the Ka-Bar.

  • Foster Heninger

    Depends on the trip, I like to switch it up with a variety of different knives depending on the style of trip I’m going on, for light weight hikes I usually use the baladeo 22G pocket knife. For bush craft style outings I prefer the Ontario Blackbird SK-5.

  • Albert Martin

    I carry a CRKT folder any time I’m in the woods. I’ll add a Gerber BG survival knife (It was a gift) on longer trips. I also carry a Leatherman Micra on dayhikes and swap it for a Super Tool on multi-day hikes.

  • Matthew Pittman

    Very beautiful knife, and a generous giveaway! I carry a Victorinox OH Soldier on my hikes, since I don’t need a knife to do a lot in the woods, so it’s usually in a pocket, ready for a quick job.

  • Joni S

    I carry a Mora Companion HD. I wouldn’t mind the upgrade!

  • Brady

    I carry a Bravo 1 LT because it’s a nice to look at and is equally tough, but I also use a Mora no.2 for jobs where I need to do something that could damage a knife because I can always buy another one just like it for cheap.

  • Kyle Woodward

    I currently carry a Emerson cqc-7bw. I would really enjoy a bushcraft style knife when dealing with big game in Alaska.

  • PhilipS

    An old Swiss Army knife. It’s been a faithful companion for many years. But I must say, that Helle Alden knife sure is beautiful!

  • saulguillermo

    Actually I’m using a Victorinox Hercules but I’m searching for a real knife so it will be awesome to be the lucky one

  • I currently carry a simple Benchmade Mini Griptilian. It’s always done the job and I feel like the lock is secure. I did just get a hold of the Bush Smarts Bush Knife but haven’t used it on the trail yet. Gotta throw my name in the hat because I have a friends birthday coming up!

  • clark

    Spyderco delica 4, simple, sharp, and an awesome orange color

  • jtsvec

    I carry a blaze orange KoA elk hunter. Its a sturdy blade, and fits in my hand well. My other go to knife is the simple mora. Cheap, durable, and a decent knife.

  • Al Quackenbush

    I currently carry a SOG Field pup on my pack and a Buck Special on my hip. My dad gave me the Buck 25 years ago and it’s still a great knife.

  • KR

    Awesome Giveaway!!! When in the backcountry, I mainly carry three knives: My multi-tool, the Victorinox Outrider Camo, has all the necessary tools, and is always reliable. My folder, the spyderco para-military 2, a super tough folder that can handle more demanding tasks. And finally my fixed blade, the Gerber LMF II Infantry; big, heavy, tough, and versatile… however, I would much rather carry a Helle than a Gerber!!! :)

  • Thomas Flemons

    I carry an esee Izula, great lightweight knife to keep on your neck

  • Mitchell Ebbott

    I normally take a Leatherman Style on group trips, but when I’m solo I carry a Mora HighQ Robust. I know it’s silly, but I find it comforting.

  • I currently carry a Light My Fire knife…nothing too fancy. There are too many choices out there and I can’t decide what would work best for me! I got it on The Clymb for cheap. That’s basically why I carry it. It’s performed quite well though. I’ve used it to make tinder and even split small pieces of wood.

  • rcMike

    I carry a Gerber Ultralight LST and a Leatherman Squirt PS4. This would be a helleva knife to have though.

  • Joslyn Bloodworth

    I carry my Mora knife. The website says it’s called the Craftline HighQ Allround carbon, I call it my best friend. I carry it with me constantly because I just don’t feel right going into the woods without a knife. It is my protection against being helpless if I were to get lost. In the desert where I now live, a knife is a non negotiable survival tool you should never leave home without!

  • Bill Garlinghouse

    I am currently engaged in a series of long-ass section hikes of the AT. I love knives, and have carried a a Marttiini Utility Knife, an ESEE Izula in Desert Tan, and a CRKT M16-01 Titanium Frame. I’ve been pairing my weight down to a current base weight of just under 15 lbs for this year’s 867 mi section, and I’m planning to carry the same knife I carried last year – a Buck 0860BKS-B Hartsook Fixed Blade Neck Knife. It hands from my shoulder strap, does everything I need to do on a long distance hike, and at 1.8 oz, I wouldn’t consider leaving it behind. Not going to do bushcraft with it. That Helle would find a spot on my hip for any trip where I’d need to do so!

  • My uncle made knives for a living in the 80’s and 90’s, he passed in ’07 and was too sick to work in his shop for the last 10 years of his life. My aunt still runs Quinn Knives in Julian CA. One of the last knives he started had imperfections in the metal (you can see it in the picture) so he set it aside. After he passed, my father finished it and made a sheath for it then gave it to me. This is the one I carry most often when out camping and/or hiking and having fun.

  • Marek K

    I currently carry a small Leatherman SideClip multitool I received as a gift a few years ago. It’s small size and versatility make it great as an EDC and for smaller camp tasks, but I’ve been looking for a more robust fixed blade for bushcraft. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Clay Miller

    I’ve been carrying a custom Fallkniven F1, but just started carrying a WRKT backpacker, light, S30V, with a paracord wrapped skeleton handle.

  • Justin

    I currently carry a Kershaw onion folding knife. It’s a great lightweight knife for doing basic camp cooking and chores like cleaning fish. The knife comes in a few different colors, mines matte black.

  • Tai J.

    A CRKT Bear Claw is my current go to knife. Thanks for the chance!

  • Greg Hardwicke

    I carry the Buck Paraframe Skinner! Very light and compact with a stout blade! I carry this knife because it packs light and flat !

  • Christian D

    The knife I currently carry when hiking is the Mora 2/0. It is essentially a smaller version of the Mora Classic 1. I like the Mora 2/0 because it is small, lightweight, and sharp. Oh and it only cost around ten dollars. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Jeff F

    I have an old Gerber that I carry because of sedimental reasons.

  • Ben Mer

    I “proudly” carry my juice C2 as my EDC. Hopefully, I’ll acquire a more suitable blade in the near future for times when a real blade is needed!

  • John D

    Leatherman CS multitool. It is functional with just the tools I need. Compact size. And lightweight. All I need for backpacking use.

  • Joe

    Winkler II Belt Knife. It is super ergonomic, phenomenally designed, and the sheath system is second to none. Thanks!

  • Miguel Ramirez

    I carry a Becker bk2, but was looking to something lighter and thinner.

  • Bribo

    I carry a small Sheffield folding knife with a two inch blade. Looking to upgrade to something a little larger and stronger for bushcraft,

  • Adam P

    This would be great for deer hunting. I don’t always carry a large blade when hiking, but if I do I will try this out.

  • Rudy R

    Mora Light My Fire Knife is always strapped to my pack. It does everything I need it to do: baton wood, food prep, fire making (Firesteel firestarter), and does not rust.

  • Corey Murphy

    I carry a Kershaw Blackout, it’s my EDC knife so I always have it with me.

  • Al Nguyen

    I carry a SOG Seal Pup Elite because that’s the only durable fixed blade I have. Received it as a graduation gift from my cousin.

  • Zom B LaCroix

    i use a small, laminated, single bevel japanese blade i got more for light woodworking. i use it mainly for light woodworking as i have a light japanese bearded hatchet i use for sticks etc for my stove.

  • harleyxx

    I currently carry a Mora Craftline HighQ Robust. I like the light weight and the quality of the steel. However, the Helle Alden bushcraft knife is a beautiful knife and if I win I will start be carrying it.

  • Cthamilton

    I currently carry a Leatherman Wave with me while hiking. It’s not too bulky or heavy, but still have everything I could need. Thanks!

  • Coy Starnes

    I carry different knives depending on what I am doing. I nearly always have my victorinox huntsman on me. When on an overnight I usually carry my light my fire fire knife. When riding my bike I keep a leatherman charge in a pannier. Beautiful knife you are giving away!

    • Coy Starnes

      Forgot to add why… I carry the huntsman because I find I need the scissors more than I expected. The light my fire to light a fire and the charge on my bike in case I need the pliars.

  • Dan Human

    My current favorite backpacking and hiking knife is the ESEE Izula. It is lightweight and hangs inconspicuously from my neck until needed. I find it adequate for all camp chores from opening packages and spreading peanut butter to making fuzz sticks.

  • Dan B

    I love my Spyderco – my father, my brother and I all carry them, but my son and I recently visited the Zippo LIghter Museum in Bradford PA, and we both picked up Tec-X knives from the Case factory store. I suppose we carry them more for sentimental reasons than anything.

  • JayDub

    I currently carry one of those orange flip out razor blades. Would be glad to have something more sturdy!!

  • heymo

    I currently carry a small Opinel – small, cheap and most importantly I had it for 30 years and I’m attached to it ;-)

  • 2stoves

    I currently carry a Mora #2. It was a gift and it is what I have. Thanks for the give away.

  • Geoff Haacke

    I actually carry a Swiss Army knife or a Leatherman. I feel that I need my tools! :)

  • James Cryer

    Kershaw Vapor 1640. Its small, lightweight, and inexpensive.

  • Brian D Johns

    It varies. Usually a Survive! GSO 4.1. It’s sharp and a workhorse.
    If I’m going for a short hike, a Mora Companion coupled w/ my Victorinox Hiker.

  • Ben Boone

    I usually carry a Gerber multi-tool and an inexpensive Smith and Wesson folder. The multi-tool has proved useful on many occassions especially when I carry my breakdown fishing outfit, and the folder usually gets the job done. Would love to have a good fixed blade to replace the folder.

  • andyr354

    I currently carry a simple Gerber Para-frame. Cheap and effective enough for what is is.

  • Logan Rhyne

    Awesome looking knife! I currently carry a custom SAC alox Rambler which packs a few really useful tools into a tiny ultralight package.

  • Jesper G

    Carry a Light My Fire FireKnife. It’s cheap, sharp and has a cool color. Plus the included firesteel is practical.

  • Avi

    I carry a gerber collapsible knife.

  • James Haithcock

    I carry a svord peasant knife for heavy cutting and a swiss army classic for general cut in camp.

  • erik walker

    I normally carry a Wave(my normal edc). Heavy but effective

  • MDHiker

    I usaully carry a small swiss army or a leatherman micra. I have been looking,as I am always looking at new knifes, at fixed blades after seeing my friends ka bar

    • MDHiker

      As for why…its usually all I need and as I said before my friend carrys a ka bar.

  • Shoguntuck

    I carry a Mora.

  • Ben

    I often don’t carry a knife unless I am going to be utilizing wood fires. If I plan on battoning or other serious bushcraft I carry a Mora #1. If I’m carrying the backcountry boiler and just need to prune small sticks, I carry a Opinel No. 8. Both I use the back as the striker for a fire steel as they are carbon steel. They are easy to sharpen in the field with nothing other than a flat rock, and both light weight and durrable.

  • ala

    I am currently carrying a spyderco folder as well as a fiskars x25.. lately I have been trying to save my money for a bushcraft knife. I would like to get a traditional looking knife.

  • Ken J

    I carry a Mora knife typically due to the cost and quality of the knife – although when I am with the scouts, I carry a buck knife due to the fixed blade limitations that the scouts have.

  • Steve Whitney

    I have a collection of knives but not like this one. I need one for backpacking. I try to carry a different one each time I go out. Thanks.

  • Murray Warner

    Blind Horse Knives Bushcrafter great bush knife

  • Jason Coyne

    I carry a CRKT Vertex folder, plus the BoB Fieldcraft knife if I know Im going into the woods. I may replace the BoB with a Habalis Bush Tool in the future though.

  • UnfoldingEpic

    I bring my 2oz Leatherman Squirt PS4 because that’s all I have and it worked well on the PCT.

  • Matt K

    I’ve got a no-nonsense short sheath knife that can handle rough work without getting beat up.

  • Duane K

    Esee izula because its lightweight and tough as nails.

  • Sarah

    I currently carry a 3.5″ gerber paraframe because it is cheap and and I am broke. I look forward to upgrading to a knife that can handle more tasks in the future though!

  • C Kow

    Smith and Wesson folding Special Ops. Was cheap, but gets the job done.

  • Eric

    I carry two knives on most backpacking trips.

    First is my swiss army (Victorinox) pocket folder that always stays clipped to my keychain. It’s got a tiny blade for opening packages and other small tasks. The scissors, tweezers, and toothpick are indispensable for random everyday tasks or minor first aid.

    The second that I often carry is a Kershaw folding knife which I think is called the ‘Random Task’. It’s light, sharp, and has a 3in sheep’s foot blade which is great for carving and splitting small sticks for my wood stove. Initially it wasn’t very good for slicing and meal prep, but I’ve shaped the point up just a bit and now it slices veggies and meats like a chef’s knife.

  • Jorge Legarre Peris

    I use an Opinel No. 8.(carbone) cheap, light and effective

  • josh camp

    ESEE Izula II with the coating removed – I wanted a full tang that was small and lightweight for hiking and edc in my backpack. I tried a bunch of other small fixed blades but the izula 2 was the only one that felt right in my hand. Highly recommended!

  • Shawn Amison

    Wow that is a beautiful knife! The knife I carry when hiking varies, but my EDC knife which I usually carry along hiking is an older Gerber skeleton folding knife. It is rugged and holds a good edge. Sometimes I also carry a Leatherman Kick but I don’t use it for the blade usually, although it does have a nice blade on it. I use it for the screwdriver, bottle opener, and pliers mostly. You would be surprised how many uses a needle nose pliers has.

  • AllenD

    That’s a beautiful knife. Right now I edc a kabar dozier. It’s cheap and good quality for the price. For hiking I’d bring this along also.

  • Eric G

    Currently carrying a Morakniv Companion mainly because it is inexpensive and lightweight. Not a huge deal if lost or damaged is also a bonus.

  • Eric Bohnert

    I have been using a rare find right now! I have an Appalachian Trail brand folding pocket knife that was found at a local antique store for only five dollars. I know it is not that conventional and not the sharpest but it does the job for the time being, until I find the ultimate fixed blade knife that will help out better in survival situations…

  • Eric Bohnert

    I have recently been using a reare find that has been working out for now. I found an Appalachian Trail folding pocket knife at a local antique store for only five dollars. It isn’t really the most functional out in the woods and is not the sharpest but it will work until I find a better fixed blade survival knife that fits my personality and needs…

  • Steve Bereska

    I carry a bark river knecker, I like the weight and size

  • I carry a Benchmade 440C that has lasted a super long time.

  • shims

    Cheap Gerber knife. Reason why I still carry it is it was my first pocketknife with a blade over 2 inches and I can’t afford the nice ones I want. This fixed blade would be awesome to get. Good luck everyone.

  • Ponkool4

    I carry a Bear Grylls Scout Knife by Gerber. It’s not the best, but it gets the job done, plus I’m a fan of Man vs. Wild.

  • Doc Rader

    Benchmade Griptillian. Because I had one in Iraq. And benchmade has awesome customer service…

  • JoeStack

    I carry the Mora Companion in carbon steel.

  • PaulOsborn

    Well, I have a couple Helle knives that I made from knife blanks that I use, and a SOG NW Ranger, but for hiking I use a SOG Micro II because it’s so lightweight and it holds a good edge. Here’s a picture of it on the JMT… making sushi.

  • Art

    My current edc folder is Zero Tolerance zt0560. Thanks for the opportunity

  • Dustin Tarditi

    Hi! I carry an ESEE 6 when I need a big pig sticker, my EDC is a Zancudo folder (sometimes carry a RAT1 folder or SAK Tinker) – Enjoy the blog and the giveaway is great!

  • runbot

    A good knife, BUT, its ONLY a knife. For weight, you have to have a knife with a flint rod in the handle or on the sheath, serrates help too for starting a cut. Just bought a Walther P99 Tactical knife, can’t use it – it weighs 2 pounds! Hate to say it, but I think you have to go Bear Grylls or a Rambo cheapie with hollow handle.

  • twency

    Leatherman Skeletool. Lightweight, functional, has a locking folding blade, pocket clip and carabiner style retention options, pliers and wire cutter and screwdriver all in one package.

  • Don Milligan

    Brian, Beautiful knife. When backpacking I only carry an Orange Derma-safe utility knife. My EDC & day hiking is a Kershaw 1630. Thanks :D

  • Branden

    I Carry the Gerber Curve because it’s incredibly small and lightweight but still useful enough to cut everything i need to on the trail (not much). It’s small price tag makes it replaceable, but it’s still very durable and reliable (i carry it every day on my Keychain as well) the extra tools on it and the bottle opener also come in handy sometimes.

  • frango

    I carry a CRKT folding knife for every day use while backpacking, and in the camp kitchen bag I also keep a small ceramic knife with a para cord wrapped handle. This combo allows me both prying and slicing when needed.

  • chebpascal .

    I carry a small Swiss army knife because it is very light, 1 ounce.

  • Art Wray

    As a fixed blade I carry a Mora Companion /carbon because I need the best that the least amount of money can buy .
    For a small folder a C.R.K.T. Drifter , plain edge . Thanks for the opportunity at an upgrade !

  • Hello, I currently carry a small, orange, survival type of folding razor blade for my knife. Extremely lightweight and I don’t do any bushcraft.

  • FlipP

    My current carry is Schrade 141OT. It has a full, comfortable rubber grip; it’s lightweight and holds a great edge and has lightweight plastic and nylon sheath. Great for attaching to belt or strap for quick access.

  • Sean

    I use a Victorinox Swiss-Army style knife that I’ve had for years. The scissors are the main thing I like about it, believe it or not. A fixed blade would be quite handy though, I must admit.

  • Phil

    I carry a Cold Steel Spartan, it clears trails, can skin or shave bark, act as a drawknife, and has a nice 4 1/2 inch blade.

  • TomBodet

    I carry a Buck folder all the time.I have a few different ones I love. Right now Im looking for one that’s a little bigger than the ones I carry for my camping and hiking trips. Im really like this one your showing.

  • Dan B

    Using a Remington folder that I got as a gift, a while back. Also carry a small Gerber multi-tool

  • I carry the Camillus Les Stroud fixed blade knife… for the price, it is a VERY solid knife, and I’ve given it quite the beating thus far. I also carry a Gerber AO FAST 3.0 as my EDC, which also accompanies on my trips out in the woods. Two knives are better than one :)

  • Gary

    I carry a Victorinox One Hand Trekker. It as a good selection of tools, has a lifetime warranty, and wasn’t very expensive so I won’t be too upset if I lose it.

  • maholler

    I have had my 4″ Gerber Profile Drop Point Fixed for a few years now – incredibly comfrtable grip, good size for my hand, the blade length is spot on and the balde can take a beating and keep on giving.

  • Colin

    I carry a Leatherman Micra, because it’s insanely tiny and its value at hand far outweighs it’s… weight. For either hiking or canoeing, there’s always something that the knife is helpful for.

  • Kyle

    Currently I carry either the Esee 6 or the Light My Fire/Mora Fire Knife. Both of them are pretty great!

  • paulbloch

    I carry the Doug Ritter RSK Mk1 because it is sturdy, dependable and comfortable.

  • Peter M

    Looks like a great knife for backpacking !

  • ktgw2000

    I carry a swiss army knife, because it easy and safe to use, and also contains everything I need for camping or backpacking and it it’s small lightweight. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  • a hume

    That is really a quite attractive knife. I currently carry a Zero Tolerance as my EDC but this knife here would be ideal for hiking.

  • Adam Rabo

    I carry a swiss army knife and a SOG Jungle Primitive. Swiss army is a decent multi tool and the Jungle Primitive is big enough to tackle almost anything.

  • Charles

    Backpacking and everyday I carry the SOG mini auto clip. Compact size, pocket clip, one hand opening and closing and the fact that it holds a great edge are just a few reasons why I am never without this knife.

  • M.Pearl

    I carry an old folding Swiss Army knife because it was a gift and has met my basic needs. As I experiment outdoors those needs are changing. A fix blade would be welcome lab instrument!

  • Stephen

    I carry a buck folder.

  • Gavin Slattery

    Have an older benchemade , just a good solid full handled knife , has a great feel to it

  • DB

    I currently carry a Mora Robust knife that I have modded for my personal tastes. Spine is ground to a 90 degree edge, I drilled a hole in the handle and have inserted red 550 cord and a homemade wooden toggle (for visibility and security when working over water and deep snow), and a sheath wrapped in 10 ft of 550 cord and 1″ wide duct tape and a firesteel ranger banded to the outside. She’s not glamorous (like that lovely Helle) but any means, but she’s an inexpensive workhorse and she’s all mine.

  • Sam E

    I’ve been carrying the same EDC knife for eight years now: a now retired Buck drop point folder with skeletonized handle, ats-34 steel, and single hand opening system. The only signs of wear are a slight back and forth wiggling when the blade is deployed and some polishing on the handle from pocket wear. The closest current knives Buck offers are the Impulse and the Rush. It’s super convenient to have the one hand opening and it’s held up great to all the years of use.

  • Ian Fradsham

    I carry a Fallkniven F1. It was a splurge, but I like the sturdiness of the knife.

  • Neal E. Pence

    Thanks for so many great reviews!

  • Nick Rem

    I just recieced the Mora Bushcraft Black. Up until than I resorted to burning things or banging them very hard. I suppose the knife will make the experience a bit less chaotic.

  • A Burdzel

    I have a light my fire fire knife and carry it for redundancy in fire starting.

  • Pete Garcia

    I typically carry a Spyerco Ladybug and a Jarvenpaa Classic Utility Knife. Simple, versatile, and can carry a razor edge. Not as nice looking as that Helle, but has been getting the job done for a few years!

  • I usually carry a Leatherman Wave, but it’s quite heavy. I’ve really been getting into bushcraft and this knife looks like it fits the bill quite nicely. I also occasionally carry a small multi-tool, when I want to go ultralight.

  • Joyce Y

    I’ve been carrying my mora robust fixed blade for hiking and camping. Really reliable, cheap, high quality blade that is easy to sharpen on the field. Hasn’t failed me yet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Doug Metz

    It certainly is beautiful. I have a small buck for my EDC and a Gerber ultimate in the glove box for more urgent situations.

  • alana


    I use Swiss Army knife because my husband got it from a supplier.
    The one you have looks sharper though.

    Thank you.

  • Allen Bishop

    I carry a Gerber LST, because it is very light, holds an edge forever and fits nicely in my hand. The Helle Alden has been on my wish list for a while, looks like a sweet knife.

  • Daniel Radford

    I carry a folding CRKT. Sometimes my leatherman tool if I feel the weight is justified.

  • runbot

    VERY IMPORTANT to carry a knife “Nam style” – inverted downward left backpack strap mounted. This way you can draw it when needed. Research “tek lok”.

  • ronda

    Just a Gerber Squirt because I like the pliers and the small knife meets my needs as a weekend backpacker.

  • Walt

    Fixed blade CRKT that was my brothers. And an opinel usually

  • James Hong

    I carry a Mora Companion for overnight/multi day hikes, for day hikes, I rely on my EDC Victorinox Rambler..

  • Anthony C

    I main knife I use when doing hikes is a Wenger Ranger 78 swiss army folder it’s got a 11cm Blade and a good saw.. it’s a good size and feels good in my hand..

  • Harry F

    I carry a Victorinox Farmer and a Mora #1. The combination gives me common tools I use daily and a nice fixed blade for food prep and camp chores.

  • Taip_Taip

    I own EKA Swede 88 knife and it has been my choice for several reasons: small, good steel, very light and easy to operate. Very handy.
    At moment I am looking for fixed blade knife so your giveaway comes in at very good timing. Thanks!

  • Matt C

    I typically hike with a pocket folder, but I’ve been in the market for a nice fixed blade for a bit.

  • Mark Dijkstra

    I used to carry a homemade knife (Lauri 95 progression tempered carbon steel with a mahogany/birchbark handle) in a homemade leather sheath. I recently made another knife (Polar whittler with a beech/mahogany/iroko handle) and a new sheath. The new knife is a little smaller and more suitable for fine woodcarving. I’ll take the Polar with me on my next trip.

  • Sandy C.

    I carry a small folding Gerber knife for everyday use, but need a fixed blade for my survival kit.

  • Bayden

    Himalayan imports kukuri if bushwaking or one of their R10 fix blade knives if not. Good solid knives at a decent price and great customer service. They also do a great job at anything to toss at them

  • dogcart

    I carry a US made Schrade 153UH commonly called the Golden Spike. It is an American classic with a carbon steel blade. It just looks cool. It’s more of a hunting knife so I have been looking for a bushcraft style fixed blade. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • zanshin

    I really like the give-away. Mucho minimalist. Give it to me, please.

  • Was carrying a crkt folder for the longest time till I recently disappeared about a month ago :/ Now I have a little pocket ulu I clip on my pocket.. Thx for giveaway!

  • Jerry

    I generally carry a cheap folding knife because its light or a leatherman wave.

  • Foxwelp

    Helle Nying cause its the mutts nuts

  • Snctool

    I carry a Helle Harding and would love another Helle…thanks Brian.

  • burningbright

    Swiss Army knife that my son gave me. Wish it looked like this! lol

  • AlbaGK

    I have a simple multitool knife from Leatherman. It’s not a big one, but it gets it’s job done :)

  • Jarrett Morgan

    I usually carry a medium length Gerber knife that I found on the ground at work. A nice fixed blade would be a great upgrade.

  • Ben R

    I carry an old Bucklite folder in my pocket and and old Gerber Shorty in my pack. Able to have old knives since I quit dropping other good knives into lakes many years ago.

  • Jon D

    I carry a spyderco tenacious every day, If I need a fixed blade I have a mora companion that has worked pretty well so far.

  • islandboy

    First let me say I love the site. Spent too long on here today lol.
    I would love a quality knife like this unfortunately I can’t afford one so I use a Mora of Sweden. The Craftline Q Allround in carbon steel. I use it at work and it’s great for wood carving but needs sharpening often.

  • Mike Bevil

    carrying a single edged razor blade now when backpacking

  • natep

    Cold steel bushman bowie. its sharp as hell, durable as hell, and can be used as a spear head in case i run into a bear

  • David P

    I prefer Fixed Blade knives to avoid any issue with the lock or blade fail, so, my original Backpacking knife was a SOG Seal PUP Elite, overall length 9.5″, blade length 4.85″, edge partially serrated, weight 5.40oz, blade steel AUS-8. Although I love the Seal PUP Elite, the serrated edge made some Bush Craft work difficult. So, I switched to the Bear Grylls Ultimate Fine Edge KNife (made by Gerber) – overall length 10″, blade length 4.8″, Weight 11.2oz (no sheath), High carbon stainless steel drop point Blade (7Cr17Mov stainless steel). The blade has stayed sharp through a dozen trips with minimal sharpening, The handle works well for light hammering, emergency whistle on lanyard, sheath has Ferrocerium rod w/striker notch on back of knife blade, nylon sheath has diamond sharpener. Overall the Bear Grylls knife has worked great for everything from fire wood (baton) to using for bush craft such as deadfall traps.

  • Nabhan Islam

    RSK MK1 by Benchmade. Basically a Griptilian with a drop-point, flat-ground S30V blade. Amazing knife for the price.

  • keegank

    I use a Buck 119. Its pretty big but its a nice dependable knife. Thanks!

  • Dennis Ahl

    I currently carry an Old Timer fold out when I hike! Small lightweight!

  • Brian

    I often use a Bark River Bravo Necker II. It’s heavier than a folder, but I really like having a fixed blade when camping. It’s light, sharp and fits my hand well.

  • Dan B.

    I carry a fallkniven S-1 and a Puma pocket knife. Thanks, Dan

  • Chuck

    Brian, I always have my Swiss Army Camper in my pocket. In addition when I out in the woods I carry my Brusletto fixed blade around my neck. The SA is perfect for little odd jobs with useful tools. I use the SA absolutely everyday. The Brusletto is a really great knife. It holds a nice edge and works as a good utility tool around camp. For everything fom preparing food to wood it is my go to blade.

  • AJ Groff

    I only own two knifes. Swiss army and a SOG blink. I usually carry the victorinox camping.

  • Bryan Spellman

    I have a simple silver folding knife (3in blade) as I work with Scouts and I usually let them borrow it. It is engraved SOUTHERN OHIO COAL on one side and MEIGS MINE #2 on the other. It is small and light and fits in the pocket without being a pain. Love it.

  • Jim Marshall

    I carry a small Kershaw assisted opener folder

  • matt salas

    I carry a buck for my edc and hiking

  • Rocky

    I would love this!

  • TAG

    Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife. Light. Sharp. And, a built in fire starter. What’s not to like.

  • Scott Murphree-Roberts

    I carry a cheap Mora. I don’t have to worry about losing it because it’s cheap, but it’s decent enough to do the jobs I ask of it.

  • Mike Green

    When I backpack I carry a Mora Companion and a small Swiss Army Knife as a backup. I like the Mora because it’s really sharp and functional but also relatively light and packable. On the Swiss Army Knife I find myself using the tweezers and scissors more than the actual knife. The tweezers are great for pulling out ticks or cactus needles. Fishing I keep a Leatherman in my tackle-box. I’m not sure the model of Leatherman, but I find myself using the pliers more than anything for pulling out hooks or cutting line. Knives are cool!

  • Amy St

    A small leatherman. Why? Because it used to belong to my Dad.

  • Hike Maryland

    SOG Aura Camp knife.

  • Frank Patriot

    I carry just a simple Victorinox Swiss Army Classic, with a fire striker attached via lanyard I downsized from a Leatherman Wingman multi tool since I never had an occasion that I needed a full size multi tool. Haven’t regretted making that switch yet.

  • WanderAR

    I currently carry a Morakniv. Inexpensive and durable. This would be a nice upgrade.

  • Mike

    I carry a mora light my fire knife. Good value, fairly light and I like having a real blade with me when I’m out backpacking.

  • Rust

    A two blade schrade that has sufficed for thirty years.

  • Adam

    I carry a single blade Swiss army knife I got at Scout camp when I was 12.

  • Scoutmaster 18

    I carry a Victorinox Swiss Army Soldier’s knife on all my outings. This large folder has some nice features: locking blade, wood saw, screwdrivers, and can and bottle openers. I keep it on a paracord lanyard with a medium sized S-Biner to attach it to a belt loop so it does not get lost. I am thinking about getting a Swiss Army Hiker model to use for my EDC.

  • sickchainsawbutcher

    I am currently carrying a Buck tactical knife for a few reasons. 1) A tenant left it behind when he moved out, so it cost me nothing. 2) When I carry a multipurpose knife (Swiss Army or Leatherman) the blade/tool I overwhelmingly use is the knife blade. 3) The scare factor – in the woods, I look like the older white guy that I am until I flick open the blade of that knife and casually point out that there is a leash law in the (insert name of State or Nat’l Park or Forest here) and if Fido got injured while jumping on unsuspecting hikers they would be responsible for it.

  • starvingartist4

    I read in an ultralight backpacking book that one can get all the cutting power they need on a camping trip from a post-office box cutter, weighing in at less than .1oz. Although in normal day to day life I carry a small multi-tool with me around town, which includes a small blade.

  • Joe from Nova Scotia

    I carry a Mora frost for which is a great knife to work with sharpen and easy on the wallet. I can’t count the countless times I have used it for setting up camp, marking my travel when going off the beaten path or other everyday tasks when hiking.

  • Alexander

    I carry a Mora Clipper, I’ve had it since I started doing outdoors stuff when I was 13. I bought it back then because I didn’t have the money for anything else!

    I’ve bought some real fancy knives for friends over the years, but I couldn’t buy one for myself, when the Mora is still going ;)

  • Windkey

    That is a very nicely made knife. It would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s kit. Hope it ends up in mine!

  • Robert Bolton

    I have been carrying my grandfather’s sheath knife now for 15 years it’s a hand made bone handle knife from Belgium we estimate it’s over 40yr old, it still gets used on trips.

  • Kyle K

    I carry a mora companion. Good knife for the price.

  • Beamit2rob

    Esee 3 is my current fixed blade knife of choice, would love to carry the Bush craft knife though!
    Good luck everyone. Awesome giveaway!

  • Justin C.

    I carry a Mora for when I go out into the mountains. I like it because it’s light, strong and I can get a spark off of it for starting a fire if need be.

  • Justin C.

    I carry a Mora when I go into the mountains. I carry it because it’s light, strong and will create a spark if need be to start a fire.

  • G F

    Gerber multi tool. Usually a small folding pocketknife as well. Nice looking knife, thanks for the giveaway!

  • Nick Burkhard

    I carry a Gerber BMF in camp because it’s a knife and also pretty much a saw and axe it’s so big. On the trail I carry a custom knife my friend made based on a Gerber fixed blade. I can’t remember the name of the original. My EDC is a Kershaw Ken Onion Blur folder.

  • zimmerman1181

    Just a simple swiss army knife. It was given to me as a gift 10+ years ago from someone who had several extra laying around his house from a corporate event (it has his company’s logo on it). Definitely the best business tchotchke/swag item I’ve ever picked up along the years (unlike all the tacky usb thumbdrives that have since been lost, destroyed, or become obsolete due to size and technological advances).

    It’s very well made, small, super sharp, and the additional tools always come in handy.

  • Dennis

    I carry a lightweight Gerber cut-away with a folding blade. It is good for small uses but a nice fixed blade would work with larger projects! Thanks for the article and the giveaway!

  • Hendrik Van Roon

    I carry a SOG flash 2 folding knife, I’ve always carried military tactical gear, but recently I have decided to go the more practical bushman/frontiers man way, it’s a beutifull looking knife, thanks for the chance to win it, I hope that whoever wins it uses it and not just thrown in a drawer.

  • Hubert Jabłoński

    I just carry a generic cheapo knife for occasional use. There’s nothing special i can say about it, so it would be great to have one which actually has some value. I would definitely feel safer and more capable then ! Thanks for the giveaway, and great blog by the way.

  • Martin

    Usually two. Kabar bk9 for field work and in a pocket spyderco endura for food prep and utility. Thanks!

  • Houston Wood

    My go to blade is always my Vic Farmer I really love the farmer and rarely find I need anything more for backpacking or edc. The perfect size and combo of tools for some fun in the dirt. If I feel the need, or just want, to carry a fixed blade I tend to grab either my trusty Falkniven F1 or my Mora Carbon Clipper.

    Congrats to whoever is lucky enough to win it, and thanks to Brian for such a nice giveaway. That Helle is a beauty of a blade.

  • Jeff Preston

    I did carry the Al Mar Falcon Ultralight until it decided to exit my pocket unannounced. It was a very nice light weight and sharp knife, hopefully someone found it and is putting it to good use rather than it being forever lost on the trail.

    Currently using the simple but ever useful Swiss Army knife.

  • Lenny

    I carry a Mora Utility Knife (Like Cody on Dual Survival) I Ihave this one and the High Q model. I like both because they carry an edge, inexpensive, and are carbon steel which is good for spark striking.

  • Bobby Cook

    I carry an older Gerber similar to the Ripstop due to it’s compact size and weight. It’s just enough knife to get me out of a jam and it’s part of my everyday carry.

  • Daniel Radford

    I carry a folding CRKT. Sometimes my leatherman. Both awesome knifes!

  • Hendrik Van Roon

    I carry a SOG flash 2, I’ve always been a military gear type of guy, but of late I’ve slowly changed my setup to more of a bushman/frontiers man type of rig, I hope that the person who wins the knife will actually use it, and not just throw it in the back of a draw, shout out to Brian, keep up the reviews, I really appreciate your opinions….

  • Kay Scarbo

    Cheap Buck knife….

  • JB32nd

    I carry a simple Gerber multitool. Fits all my hiking needs!

  • Louis

    I carry a Gerber fixed blade skinner. Small, strong and works for almost anything.

  • Florian

    I normally carry a Victorinox (Hiker). It has the right amount of features and enjoy using a knife with so much history, especially after seeing the documentary about the factory.

  • Aberrix

    Currently carrying a light my fire knife, this looks like a great knife!

  • Christopher Peirano

    I cart absolutely nothing now…so this would be an upgrade.

  • My usual carry when hiking is a Spyderco G2

  • Todd

    I carry a Becker Bk2. It is good for chopping splitting , defence and camp chores. A littlt heavy though.

  • Kyle S.

    I currently carry a kabar, primarily to break up wood and start fires. This knife looks like a work of art.

  • Luke Mertens

    Gerber Paraframe I

  • Jim G

    A Gerber suspension multitool takes care of most tasks, but i carry a swiss army knife and mora in the backpack.

  • Daniel Radford

    I carry a folding CRKT. Sometimes a Leatherman.

  • Steven LaBarre

    I carry a benchmade griptialian. It is light, easy to open, and has not failed yet.

  • Tim Lewallen

    I currently carry a Mora Companion HD. I like it because it is a durable knife and good quality for the money.

  • Rob B.

    I carry an ulu it process any task I’ve needed (I Never need to baton though). The steel on the Norwegian looks rockin.