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The LoopAlien Has Landed!

Loop Alien Cord Attachment

Knot tying is a skill and a perishable one at that. If you don’t practice and actually use knots on a regular basis you’re never going to be good at them. For those of you that struggle with tying knots, there are cool little gadgets that can help you – like the LoopAlien.

A LoopAlien look like two tiny different sized figure eights combined into one. They are very cool looking and fun pieces of gear to fondle and play with – yeah I said fondle! Yet behind the out of this world styling lies a highly functional and versatile piece of backpacking gear that can help those of you who are knot challenged.

They’re so Tiny!

The LoopAlien comes in only one size, tiny, but it is offered in three different types of metals: the obligatory titanium (2.9g), aluminum (2.6g), and stainless steel (7.5g). I’m sure the three different types of metal provide different strength ratings, but I highly doubt that anyone would be crazy enough to use a LoopAlien for anything more than lightweight cord applications. These are not meant for climbing or rappelling.

A LoopAlien in Action

There are probably dozens of ways to leverage this cool looking little gear gadget, but the most obvious one is as a cord or guyline tensioner. Here is an Instagram photo that I recently shared showing the step-by-step process of using a LoopAlien as a guy line tensioner.

Here is how the LoopAlien looks put into practice on my tarp. No knots necessary!

Loop Alien Cord Attachment

My friend, Derek Hansen of The Ultimate Hang, has written several blog posts about the LoopAlien on his blog. Check out one of Derek’s excellent videos that he kindly gave me permission to embed into the article.


You can read all of Derek’s LoopAlien blog posts hereĀ

Besides the obvious use of a LoopAlien for guyline tensioning, what are some other creative ways that you think this tiny device can be used?

Disclosure Material Connection: The owner of this blog received three LoopAliens for free from Canny Designs as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication.

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  • Cath

    Really impressive. My first thought is I’d like to see these in red, or glow in the dark colors, because they seem like they’d be lost easily, unless I immediately attach each one to a cord. As a housewife, I’d like to use it for a clothesline in the back yard.

    • One of my concerns is losing these tiny little gadgets, having them be brightly colored or anodized would be awesome for sure. Funny you mention clothes line, I carry a small bundle of cord for this very purpose with me when I hike and use a combination of knots (siberian hitch, trucker’s hitch) to make it taught. A single #LoopAlien would work perfectly for this :)

  • Jaron

    I’ve been using the Nite-Ize Figure 9 for quite a while…it’s a very similar product, but doesn’t seem quite as friendly as the Loop Alien.

    • Jaron, I’m very familiar with the Nite-Ize fig9s and know what you mean. The LoopAlien is a little more basic (looking) but has a lot of capabilities of you get creative and the titanium and aluminum versions weight next to nothing.

  • Kenny Krotzer

    This is an excellent idea! I learned all the useful knots back in Scouts, but the only ones I actually remember are bowline, square knot and clove hitch.

    • Kenny, at least you’re very honest. I’m pretty good with knots and use them often (if you don’t you forget), but I still think this is a great and fast gadget to use.

  • Doc Rader

    Curse you Brian. Once again you have recommended something I was compelled to buy…

  • Ivan

    Cool piece of gear, but the trucker’s hitch works just as well without the chance of losing a gadget.

    • Yeah, it does and I kinda said that. For those that are less knot savvy, there’s the LoopAlien.

  • Leigh Deakin

    Look good when are thay for sale in the uk I’ll like to buy them