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No Whey! A Paleo Protein Powder Option

Paleo Protein Powder (PaleoPro) 15% discount code

Since starting Crossfit over eighteen months ago I’ve been getting more and more serious about eating a paleo diet. Crossfit and paleo go hand in hand and both have been working great for me with fantastic results. As I get more strict about eating paleo I find myself looking more closely at the food I eat and their ingredients. I’ve become much more aware of the things that are not paleo-friendly, like supplements.

Protein Powder Supplements

Whether you’re doing Crossfit, hiking, trail running, or a serious athlete, adding a little extra protein to your diet will help you build muscle and burn more fat. The most convenient way to do that is by adding a scoop of protein powder to your smoothie or food. Unfortunately, nearly all commercially prepared protein powders are not only not Paleo, they tend to contain all sorts of additives.

Whey protein powders are probably the most commonly available, but whey is a by-product of the cheese making process and therefore dairy, and Soy (soy protein powder), well is just plain bad for you in so may ways.

If you are trying to stay paleo, your protein powder options are extremely limited. That’s why I was excited to discover PaleoPro Protein powder which is made from just eggs and beef!

Paleo Protein Powder (PaleoPro) 15% discount code

Mixing and Taste

Most of the time I throw a scoop of PaleoPro protein powder in my Blender Bottle with a cup of almond milk and shake for a quick boost after a workout. I prefer the Ancient Cacoa (chocolate) flavor paleo protein powder which may seem slightly bitter at first if you’re used to the usual sugary-sweet chocolate whey powders. It mixes easily though and tastes much smoother using almond milk than just water. Sometimes I’ll throw half a scoop of PaleoPro in with my paleo oatmeal breakfast.

Paleo Protein Powder (PaleoPro) 15% discount code

Family & Friends Discount

If you’ve been looking for a paleo friendly protein powder option then I’d highly recommend checking out PaleoPro and all of their other products. Enter the code BGR15 and save 15% off your entire PaleoPro order!

Paleo Protein Powder (PaleoPro) 15% discount code

Disclaimer: The author purchased this product with his own funds and was under no obligation to review this product.

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  • Thanks for commenting and for making this your first one! I just looked at the packaging closely and don’t see any indications that the protein powder is halal. I just asked the folks at ProteinPro directly so let’s wait and hear what they say. As soon as I hear back I’ll share it here.

  • uptheante99

    I just finished my first bag of PaleoPro and I LOVED IT. Egg and Beef and GREAT FLAVOR!