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Win a Hoboroll by GobiGear *Updated*

The Hoboroll by GobiGear

Not too long ago my son reviewed one of the coolest pieces of travel and camping gear that I’ve seen in a long time – the Hoboroll by GobiGear. My son loved it so much that after reviewing it he decided he was going to keep it for himself and it became his go-to pack for overnights with friends of changes of clothes after sporting events.

Hoboroll by GobiGear

How would you like to win a Hoboroll of your very own? Of course you would! Well thanks to the generosity of the awesome folks at GobiGear I have a brand new blue colored Hoboroll ($28) to giveaway to one lucky reader!

How to Enter

Simply pick any or all of the options available below in the Rafflecopter panel for a chance to be entered into the drawing. The more entries you submit, the greater your chances of winning. It’s that easy!

*Update* Doing it Old School

The Rafflecopter plugin is not playing nicely with my blog today. So we’re gonna do this old school…

To enter and be eligible to win the Hoboroll you must leave a comment below answering the following question: What is your favorite feature of the Hoboroll? Please pick one of the following options:

  • Opens on both ends
  • Compressibility
  • Internal separation compartments
  • All these features!
  • Other, be specific

Contest Details:

The contest is open to everyone. One winner will be selected at random and will receive a brand new blue colored Hoboroll ($28). The winner will be notified by email. Once contacted, they have 24 hours to claim their prize. If I do not receive a response from them within 24 hours, I will select a new winner. Contest ends at 11:59 PM EDT on 8/25/2013.

*Winner Announced*

Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave a comment and enter the Hoboroll giveaway. A single winner has been selected using, so without further ado I would like to announce Andyr354 as the winner of this giveaway. Please contact me within the next 24 hours to claim your prize. Failure to do so will result in me picking another winner until we get a response.

There will be more cool giveaways coming soon, so stay tuned!

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  • Zac

    Comprehensibility for sure, it looks like an awesome way to organize gear and keep it compact.

  • rich_kolb

    I’d have to say all of those features. I tend to overpack so having something smaller would be nice. I’ve looked at these in the past, I really like that it’s open on both ends, and that it compresses. I don’t see how you could use it without having compartments in it. The only thing I’d add is the ability to lay it flat with the pockets facing up. I think that’d be an awesome feature, especially while packing/unpacking/etc.

    I bet this would be good for the gym, especially if you open it up to let stinky stuff air out afterwards, but then again, it might make it always smell.

  • Emir

    All these features!!!

  • Ben W.

    All for these features FOR SURE!

  • nuttysporter

    It looks like a combination of opens on both ends,compressibility and Internal separation compartments. But you ask for one so internal separation ….My first thought was he this could be a perfect bag for my openwater swimming and training gear. For the last year I use a sturdy stuff bag and my main problem is it’s one big bag so no order after a little walk. This one looks amazing so I love to try it and see for my self.

  • Teresa

    Wow, this is so cool. Everything’s great about it, and the internal separation compartments would be especially handy!

  • Paul Winslow

    Internal separation compartments

  • Jeff

    All these features, love the way it opens on both ends cause it never fails when you gotta have that most needed item it’s on the bottom then to have everything separated is nice to have things organized and being able to compress it makes it easier to store in the car.

  • Cath T

    All the features look good, but perhaps the most appealing is the group of internal separation compartments.

  • Allen Duan

    I like its Compressibility!

  • Jeanene Arrington Fisher

    Internal separation compartments – Great way to keep everything in order!

  • Sean

    I think it’s the perfect system for kids and sleep-overs. The internal compartments and compressibility are fantastic!

  • RobynJacqueline

    Compression and separation of compartments. I wear black almost exclusively (it’s my go-to color – or shade I guess), so often times digging through a dark bag of all black clothes bunched together doesn’t make it easy to find the one item I’m looking for.

  • Stephen Zech

    Remarkably convenient, for an excursion anywhere on Earth.

  • Art

    all these features, lightweight!

  • Mike

    All the features would be great to help me hop a freight. Mike

  • Robert

    I like that it has Internal separation compartments. Thanks for the change to win one.

  • Chris McMillan

    Compressibility without a doubt….and it’s pure awesomesauce

  • All these features… what a cool product!

  • Scott H

    All of the features are great, but the separation inside the pack is my favorite feature. I’ve had issues in the past when trying to find a certain type of item in my pack. On many occasions, no matter how I seem to organize everything, I reach for a shirt and pull out pants or socks. So, I’m really loving the way I could separate my items in the hoboroll and then compress it in my pack.

  • KR

    Compressibility!!! You can throw it in your pack, and if you need a bag in a pinch… there it is! Nice and lightweight too!

  • Priestoso

    I like everything about it.

  • The Good Luck Duck

    I travel in and live out of a small space (Toyota Prius), and compressibility makes me very happy. So do giveaways – thanks!

  • Jordan Hipple

    i like the ablity to easily access the gear with out having to take off the entire pack unlike most day packs and is not constricting liked the ribs pack

  • UltraBackpacking

    Internal separation compartments & opens on both ends!

  • Snctool

    Brian, I love all the features..seems very cool to me.

  • CRAusmus

    All the features are great, but I love the separation of compartments and accessibility from both ends the best..Then again, the compressibility really makes the whole thing too….Guess I’ll just have to stick with all of them.

  • Steve Pechie

    I’m going with all of the features. All of it leads to organization, speed of packing/obtaining gear, AND forces you to pack lighter. A GREAT idea.

  • Jay Wood

    I love the simplicity, but the compartments are a nice feature when you want a little more than cramming all your kit into a stuff sack.

  • Cthamilton

    Definitely compressibility! Looks like you can fit a ton of stuff in there.

  • Hatty

    Compressibility for sure.

  • MUZU

    Opens on both ends

  • minhster

    I like the compressibility. Having a large bag that you dont completely fill up sucks! Having a bag that makes your stuff even smaller is the best!

  • John P.

    I like the organizational aspect of the Hoboroll. I hate having loose gear in my bag. Way to go GobiGear.

  • LNTCamper

    Having separate compartments that compress is a great little idea. Organization and a small package for hiking those quick one nighters with my hammock through some of BC’s temperate rainforests!

  • Ben R

    Compartmentalized and Compressible. Squish your stuff down, but don’t have to untangle it.

  • ronda

    All the features, especially the organization. Thank you Jack for providing us with a great review!

  • Paul L Smith

    I’m impressed by the ability to compress clothing into a firm load that is easy to carry. It would make carrying gym cloths and a spare pair of scrubs to work an easier thing. Especially since I have to share a locker with a pretty disorganized person… Maybe he should win it instead… Nah!

  • DonFenix

    While all of the listed features are awesome, I would have to say portability. This is something that can be used to supplement a larger more comprehensive load out, or as a standalone solution.

  • Bobby Nations

    I am most intrigued by it being open on both ends. That should allow it to effectively function as two bags attached at their end. I think.

  • All of the features. It’s a pretty cool little piece of gear for sure. I think it might work really well for my bike commuting/bike packing setups for organzing and compressing clothing inside my larger bag.

  • Jeff

    Compressibility all the way. Awesome product.

  • Micro2112

    I love the simplicity and compress-abilty
    Great for a quick pack and go.

  • 02017374DW

    Compressibility – squeezing your kit down to be able to take a smaller bag when travelling – huge win on long journeys

  • Pathfinder1

    All the features, including the handy carrying strap…!!

  • richardathome

    I love the hoboroll. A modern take on the long hunter bedroll pack.

  • Jason

    All of the features, plus I like just tossing it in the washing machine to eliminate the weekend activity funk.

  • James Gundlach

    Hi, I’m starting to get into minimalist camping, currently have my set up wrapped inside a wool blanket, looks like everything would fit nicely inside the hobo roll. Like the different compartments, would make it a lot easier to get at all my gear on an as needed basis versus having to unroll the wool blanket to get at things. I wouldn’t mind winning one of these before my next trip out this fall!

  • Brad Floyd

    All these features!

  • Roland Stolfa

    Definitely the compression factor. I’ve found that packing things this way is very useful in a number of different aspects.

  • Cristy Rice

    all of the features look cool!

  • Jon Gee

    Compressability I don’t drive which means that I usually have to pack a lot of stuff in as little space as possible.

  • Jeff

    All the hobogoodiness features!

  • Jeannie Hilderbrand Sorrell

    All these features!

  • Annie Quach

    Easily, internal separation compartments! It makes the never-ending search, a snap!

  • scott

    opens @ both ends, no matter which way you hold it, it’s the right end.

  • Ryan

    I like all of the features. It’s just a super cool non-traditional idea for packing.

  • Kyle Mattoon

    Compressability! So much to carry that can be compressed to make travelling so much easier.

  • Ruth Amerson Boyd

    Compressibility and weight are always the best features of any ultralight gear. I do not have much upper body strength so carrying light and the ability to pack within a pack is always a deciding factor where our gear is concerned.

  • Lenora

    Cool concepts! Organize it, roll it, compress it! Out of the three, the compression (and built in strap) helps keep the whole thing small. Love it.

    ☼ Pick me. Pick me. Pick me. :D

  • Brock Sumpter

    Light and simple ease of use.

  • Lane


  • Jay Sander

    Compressibility and internal separation compartments both rank pretty high for me. Awesome Idea, I need one! :)

  • Gary Alderson

    Genius!! I like all Neat idea & one of those… Why did I not come up with this.

  • Aikidoman82

    All these features.

  • Pathfinder1


    Love those five compartments. Perfect for keeping your ‘soft’ gear in.

  • Allen Bishop

    All the features have a plus, it would be even nicer if they had a flap to help prevent small items from making their way out. I see real potential as a “Bug Out Bag” that could be packed in just minutes.

  • clgent

    Internal separation compartments

  • Philip Peterson

    I like that it is open on both end and is compressible. Awesome giveaway, thanks.

  • Michael McCullough

    Internal separation compartments

  • Brady

    Compressibility and its hobo-freindlieness

    • Brady


  • Tom McDermott

    I like the internal separation. Keep Toiletries away from spare clothes.

  • Steve Bereska

    Internal separation compartments and the name :)

  • Evelyn Sells

    Compressibility is my favorite feature

  • Wendy Kay

    The compartments and the Compressibility.

  • Christina


  • Bruce Ashby

    I like its Compressibility

  • Robert Durden

    Compressibility, That’s what I most like about it. Thanks for the chance at one of these

  • Definitely compressability. The organization is great, but if it takes up too much space in my pack, it isn’t worth it.

  • lene

    compressibility is nice but I like that it is an all around stuff sack that you can organize and especially everything is easily accessible. I hate camping and having to dig thru a bag to find something in particular and it takes the whole trip to get used to what is where and that usually doesn’t work anyhow because every time you dig for something everything gets re arranged all over again. This bag would definitely make things less frustrating.

    • Lene

      Not that I hate camping, you know what I mean.;)

  • Rene Yoshi

    All these features!!

  • Tollermom

    I agree, all the features listed. I can cram all sorts of stuff in there!

  • Reynold Pung

    i like all the feature expecially for the design.. it is very suitable and comfortable for an outing.

  • Spencer Haley

    I’ve gotta go with “All these features!” The color is pretty great as well. Reading your review made me immediately imagine that my son would use it in similar ways.

  • Gage A Jakobsen

    I love the compressability! That makes it much easier to keep everything tight and rattle free!

  • gb9810

    compressibility + opening both ends! eager to try

  • Stephen

    All of these features! Looks neat

  • Frank Patriot

    All those features are nice, no doubt. The ones that I appreciate the most is the internal separation compartments and the ability to compress it down. In my line of work, I’m sometimes asked to grab a couple days worth of clothes and leave town to take care of business elsewhere. Something like this would be perfect for that. Put your toiletries in a small stuff sack, shove it in a compartment, then a couple shirts, pants, blah blah. Dang, the more I think about this, the more I really dig it. I see that it’s open on both ends, which would be convenient for accessing your packed contents, but I guess you better have a plan to keep your stuff dry if it starts raining? And at $28, it looks like a great deal.

  • Rick

    All these features!

  • yc

    all features!

  • andyr354

    The compression and easy access loading.

  • David Galloway

    Definitely internal separation.

  • Mark Cashmere

    All of the above for sure, but I think the internal compartments if I had to choose one. And with all of those daisy chain connectors you could easily throw a spare bag shoulder strap on it if once compressed the strap isn’t long enough to sling.

  • Barb

    I like the compartments and the compressibility.

  • Rob

    Compressibility most of all…then the compartments. Also like the idea of the shoulder strap.

  • Walter Davis

    Aw man, it just really looks cool!.,

  • jasonedean

    All of the features are pretty cool, but if I had to pick one it would be the internal separation compartments. I would like to label each side to help identify whats inside. It always seems easy enough when you are packing, but on trail is different. Good looking product.

  • Brandy

    My scout kiddo says it’s all the internal compartments that makes the Hoboroll cool! He says having one would be awesome for his weekend camp outs and for “carrying stuff”

  • Matt Gagnon

    All these features!

  • Adam

    Compressibility so that I can fit enough stuff in it.

  • Pathfinder1

    What’s there not to like…it could easily become a part of my GHB…!!

  • Chrismc

    Opens on both ends

  • WanderinFool

    Compressibility for sure…..

  • Hong Peng Ngun

    internal separation compartments

  • Mark Cosby

    MY favorite feature? Def. the internal compartments. I love the idea of just stuffing stuff in a pack and going ala ZPack but the walls are such a beautifully simple solution that goes a long way towards creating a semblance of organization. I LOVE it. Good luck to everyone, but I hope you pick ME! ME!!

  • Pathfinder1

    I could use such a light, empty space like that…just waiting to be filled with my soft (and maybe some not soft gear). very handy, Takes almost no space to store.


    Internal separation compartments as a way to stay organized!

  • Venture Owl

    Compressibility, It looks it would do a great job packing down stuff to fit in my pack.

  • Audrey LaCrouix

    Wow I like this Hoboroll idea! Too bad I missed the giveaway, but I’ve budgeted for this item and will send you my review on it. Thanks, Brian!

  • Matthew Lewis

    Compressibility and the ability to move the load around on your shoulders easily is a great feature. Reminds me of Ray Jardine talking about slinging his backpack on one shoulder. He would rotate back and forth between his shoulders to allow one to rest while the other took the load of the pack.

  • andyr354

    Cool, will send you an email!

  • Jeanene Arrington Fisher

    I am sure he will love it! *Jealous*

  • Blogger Kabir

    I like this beautiful backpack. It is a perfect & comfortable backpack for children.

  • mandygeering

    All of the features of the hoboroll are awesome! This product looks really cool!

  • Gavan O’Connor

    i love the internal compartments, nothing worse than realising your toothbrush has been getting cosy with your dirty socks.

  • Michael P. Scholtis

    All these features! Plus the biggest is the ability to move it from pack to pack without having to move all of the individual contents.