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Frog Fuel Protein Shot Developed by Navy SEALs

Frog Fuel protein shots

Frog Fuel is a 1oz liquid protein supplement that delivers 15g of energized enzyme-hydrolyzed collagen protein for rapid absorption. It was developed by two Navy SEALS (former members of SEAL Team-1) as a world-class supplement for operators, athletes and anyone with an active lifestyle. It contains no sugar, fat, carbs, gluten, cholesterol, lactose or other excess ingredients.

FrogFuel Liquid Protein Supplement (15g)

As you may recall, I write quite a few reviews about protein bars and I’m always on the lookout for easy to carry and consume quality protein solutions. When I discovered FrogFuel online I was so intrigued by its ingredient list (or lack of them) that I reached out to Frog Performance to ask if there was any possibility of trying a sample. I hardly ever do that these days – note to self…


High Intensity Workouts

Over the past 14 months I’ve taken up Crossfit with a passion. I’ve been working out on a daily basis, Crossfit most mornings and short runs or TABATA workouts when my schedule isn’t very accommodating. I’ve also changed my diet to be mostly Paleo, but will save that for another time. In a nutshell I am doing high intensity workouts every day and doing my best to eat clean – quality proteins, good fats, and plenty of carbs.

FrogFuel Liquid Protein Supplement Developed by Navy SEALs

I am definitely not a fitness nutritionist, but I do know enough about my body and how I workout to know that a post workout protein supplement is essential for accelerated recovery and muscle growth.

Easy to Carry – Ready to Go – Pucker Up!

Most of the protein bars on the market right now contain way too much sugar for my liking. Powdered hydrolyzed protein supplements are much better and I typically do carry my Blender Bottle ready to go for a quick post workout boost.  A 1oz Frog Fuel protein packet contains 15g of quality protein per serving and is incredibly easy to throw into a gym bag. The packets have a shelf life of two years without the need for refrigeration and won’t melt like all the chocolate covered protein bars.

FrogFuel Liquid Protein Supplement Developed by Navy SEALs

A 1oz liquid supplement is actually pretty small. You’ll find that it goes down quickly and doesn’t taste sickly sweet or fake like powders tend to. The Berry flavored FrogFuel packets that I have tasted were decidedly tart, but not bitter. They made me pucker up and think of my kids Sour Patch candy.

It’s too early to tell whether or not FrogFuel protein is working better than other protein supplements that I’ve tried or take on a regular basis. However, based on the ingredient list, taste, easy of carry, and durability of these cool little liquid shots I’d have to say that these might be one of the best protein supplement options that I’ve seen. They’ve already become my go to recover shot.

A Chance to Try Some for Yourself

Frog Performance has given me the opportunity to host a giveaway of their product so that one of you can win the chance to try some of their protein shots for yourself. All you have to do it take the Frog Fuel QUIZ that is part of the app embedded below and then share your results via a comment on this blog. You can also share one of your favorite workout tips via the comments to be entered, just make sure it’s a real comment and not just “hi” or “pick me” because I won’t.

FrogFuel Liquid Protein Supplement Developed by Navy SEALs

I’ll pick one lucky winner at random on June 25th to receive a Frog Fuel prize pack containing three FrogFuel 1oz Protein Shots and an Elite Status FrogFuel Sticker. So what are you waiting for? Take the quiz, share your results and tell your friends about FrogFuel – if they win maybe they’ll share some with you.

Good Luck!

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FrogFuel Winner Announced!

Thank you to everyone who took the Frog Fuel quiz and shared a comment below. I’ve taken all of the comments that were left and selected a winner using So, without further ado I’d like to congratulate Hugh Pennock as the winner of the Frog Fuel protein shot giveaway. Congrats Hugh, I have your email address via the Disqus plugin – so I’ll reach out to you to get your shipping information so that I can pass it along to Frog Performance and have them send you the prize pack.

Thanks again to everyone. Stay tuned for some exciting new giveaways coming in the following months.

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  • johnabela

    Brian, What is the total weight, in grams, of a single full packet?

    • A single full packet weighs 35 grams John.

  • I took the quiz and my fuel level is “FANATIC” – beat that :)

  • Brian

    I’m a free spirit.

  • Glenn

    I did take the test and my Fuel Lever is “Free Spirit.”

  • Rae

    I’m a free spirit!

  • John Pavoncello

    Free Spirit here!

  • CRAusmus

    My fuel level is “Free Spirit”. I have a preferred method, but I like to try new things. Fact is, I’m a runner. Always lacing up and running every chance I get. Take one day off a week. My one downfall is that I don’t find the time I need for cross training, and that is one of my goals, to make time for it.

    My Tip: Simple hydration. In Texas in the summer it gets hot. I drink nothing but water all day long, 4 liters a day, and I carry a 10oz bottle on the road for all my runs and sip whenever I feel the need.

  • erik

    I am a free Spirit

  • Hugh Pennock

    I am a Free Spirit!
    This looks like a great addition to my B.O.B and daypack!

    • I thought the same thing. Small and long lasting.

  • emikat

    Free Spirit :-) Love your giveaways! Always stay hydrated! !!

    • Thanks. I can never tell if I am having too many or not enough. Keep me honest.

  • Tollermom

    My level is free spirit. Fits me to a T!

  • Luke

    That was fun, but what’s up with no option to bicycle to the store? Workout at lunch hour? I came up “Free Spirit” but actually I tend to do the same workouts over and over; still, it’s a flattering title!

    My tip: the smartphone app Workout Trainer! It has hundreds of workouts, funny computer-voice inspirational “coach sayings” and it keeps your workout history.

    • Luke, it’s not rocket science my friend – it’s just for fun :)

  • Jonathan Dye

    Fanatic..I need some new fuel

  • casey

    Free spirit here….

  • Pathfinder1

    Free spirit…always was…and still am…!!

  • Robin Addison

    Free spirit here – which suits me to a tee! My tip – your phone is your friend during workouts – music, apps…they’re all there.

  • Sean Clay

    Free spirit

  • Cod

    Beginner. Just starting out on fitness training. Frog Fuel sounds like a practical and potable solution to an intensive workout. I cannot wait to try it !!

  • Jim Lumpkins

    Free Spirit, No surprise there.

    • Awesome photo Jim, thanks for sharing. It’s great to be able to see who you all are. Happy trails my friend.

  • Eric Nelson

    Free spirit here.

  • Billy Brown

    I’ve tried various gels and have yet to be impressed by any of them. This could be the one but that is yet to be seen. 26 years in the military tells me that just because the Seals, the Rangers, the Beret or any other group endorse or have a hand in formulating something, that has ZERO bearing on its effectiveness. That said I would certainly try it a round. The DOD has had their share of good ideas too!

    My tip: Mix your own energy drink for your workouts. I like a gran-grape base, lemon juice, salt, honey, and pure water. Mix it to taste, I like mine more water than juice. And with extra lemon!

    • Billy, I tend not to be overly impressed by any Special Forces endorsements either, but have to sa that after tasting it and doing my homework on the ingredients I am very impressed. It all appears to be 100% legit and above board. As for effectiveness, try figuring that out about any sports supplement without months to test the true effectiveness – and then compare it to what?

      I have to take the protein claims at face value (and I don’t see any reason not to) so one the surface this seems like a great way to get a quick shot of clean protein without all the fillers and sugars.

      I spent many years as a contractor for DOD so know what you mean :)

  • Karen

    Does this product contain dairy or dairy derivatives? Dairy is not an option for me. If it doesn’t contain dairy, I’m interested! With regard to the quiz, there is so much either or built in bias in their questions. I encourage them to expand their view of customers from either all out or not moving. I’m a former backpacker who can’t get out there anymore because of chronic Lyme. I try to stay active but running is out as is Frisbee playing and ‘dominating’ in volleyball. OTOH, I move. There’s always water where the impact is lessened. I’d encourage them to remember the bigger their constituency the better their sales so don’t overlook those folks who may not be militaristic in their approach to activity. There is a lot of space between that end of the continuum and being a couch potato.

    • Karen, the quiz is just for fun and isn’t really mean to be rocket science. I don’t see any ingredients that would suggest dairy or dairy derivatives in these. I’ll reach out to Frog Performance for you to try and confirm.

  • Jason Gardner

    Mine say Free Spirit as well. The quiz seemed pretty random to me. I love sour patch kids, but not sure I want that in the middle of a hard bike ride.

    • Jason, I guess they’re not quite that sour, more of a pleasant pucker factor :)

  • Ken Jones

    Free Spirit.

    Best tip: Audiobooks for the boredom of long, slow runs or rides. Long drives, too.

    Best beginner tip: get professionally fitted for your shoes for your activity of choice. The sales persons at the big box stores and at the mall doesn’t cut it. Find someone who fits professional athletes and/or has a sports therapy background. It made a world of difference for me.

    That said, I don’t need a pre-packaged after workout protein supplement. The basics of quality meats, healthy fats, greens, and fruits are the best. It might be good for when the workout lasts beyond 2 hours, but anything less, it’s not needed. Hammer Nutrition probably has the best research for a supplement company. They break down the nutrition for before, during, and after. For during, they break down differing lengths of performance.

    Bottom line, though, it’s what ever works for you.

  • Josh Rubin

    I am also a “Free Spirit”…. Hmmmmm I am noticing a trend amongst the readers of this blog.

    • Ha Josh – I was going to mention the same thing.

  • JB32nd

    Fanatic as well!
    These protein packs are reminicent to Gel packs for endurance events. I could see myself carrying a few for after a tri or a long run.

  • Jeremy Smeltzer

    awesome did the test and am a free spirit

  • Sounds interesting. I’m going to have to try it out.

  • nwcurt

    Another Free Spirit. Interesting product … curious to check it out!

  • Shana

    I’m a free spirit! Just started “TRI”ing in June, and love it. I tried the Frog Fuel with caffeine tonight, before a run. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the taste or consistency. Very sorry. I think some of my fellow runners are testing it out also. Perhaps they will like it more than I did.

    • Shana, there’s no need to apologize to me. It wouldn’t do for all of us to be the same. What would you change about the taste and consistency if you could?

  • Jesse Carlson

    Fanatic! I was just recently selected for Navy Seals i ship out 20140114 for BootCamp than to Pre BUD/s than off too BUD/s. I really wanna try this Frog Fuel not only for intense workouts but for Motocross races of mine!
    Great Article Thanks!!!!

    • Fanatic sounds right. Congrats on our selection! Be sure to check in and let us all know how it goes. // Brian

  • Dalton Morris

    I’m a fanatic, which fits me perfectly. Fitness goes hand and hand with being in the military. Especially keeping yourself occupied during deployments. Currently in Kuwait, so I am hitting the gym everyday! Doesn’t matter how long we work, I still make time for the gym! Hooah!

  • Hate bogus supplements

    This is essentially junk. The human body cannot absorb collagen, collagen lacks essential amino acids, and hydrolyzing it needs to be done so it does not solidify (it is a gelatin). Oh, and collagen is MUCH cheaper than real, quality protein.