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Testing the TevaSphere Speed Trail Running Shoes

TevaSphere Speed Trail Running Shoes

Even though I can’t help thinking of these as Trail Running shoes, the TevaSphere Speed was actually inspired by the unpredictable world of obstacle races and the athletes that are crazy enough to take them on – hello GORUCK’ers and Tough Mudders! It features their new TevaSphere technology that uses a spherical heel and support pods to improve your stride, reduce impact and promote stability on unpredictable terrain. Throw in some quick dry materials, a lightweight design and a grippy sole and you’ll be able to cross “shoes” off your list of things to worry about for your next race.

TevaSphere Speed Trail Running Shoes

I was very fortunate to be provided with an early sample of the TevaSphere Speed shoes to review. I was a little skeptical of the support pods on either side of the shoe’s arches, especially given what I’ve gone through over the years to improve my natural arches, but have to say that after a few weeks of wearing them for trail running, crossfit, and just casually around I am very impressed with the way they feel and work.

Infographic: TevaSphere Speed Trail Running Shoes

As mentioned, the TevaSphere outsole uses a spherical heel which is designed to provide a more natural point of impact and smoother stride transition for all you heel strikers out there – of which I am not one. The quick drying, synthetic mesh uppers are not water proof like the eVent fabric used on some of Teva’s other TevaSphere models, but it does an adequate job based on my limited usage. However, if you completely submerge the shoes, as I occasionally do, you’ll find that they do not drain all that quickly.

TevaSphere Speed Trail Running Shoes | Instagram

Close up of the thread patterns on the TevaSphere Speed | @bfgreen on Instagram

Thoughts so far

The immediate runaway success of the TevaSphere is the use of Teva’s “Spider Rubber” for the all-terrain rubber outsole. Spider365 as they call it is made to grip like crazy in wet environments and from what I have experienced it lives up to the name. I experienced this for the first time with the Teva Nilch water shoes.

TevaSphere Speed Trail Running Shoes

The weight of the shoes is close to perfect for me at 9.75 oz per shoe (US size 10) on my scales. I can just barely feel them on my feet which is exactly how I like my minimalist shoes to be.

The TevaSphere “spherical” heel is probably not being used as much as intended by me simple because I am not a heel striker, but I have to say that at a normal walk, where I do heel strike, it is very comfortable and does seem to provide a smooth rolling transition. I’ll need more time with the shoes to really tell how all of these new features work out for me, but so far I’m really impressed and enjoying wearing these.

Discount Code

The awesome folks at ‎Teva have given me a ‎coupon code that will get you 15% ‎discount off a single pair of their new TevaSphere shoes through July 31st. If you want more than one pair you’ll have to place multiple orders. Here is the code: TSBLOG-M6XH-Y742-NLK3-GLE9 (this is not an affiliate code, I don’t make anything off of this). Enjoy!

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  • Hey Brian. Great review mate. I’ve been pondering whether to get these when I retire my MT10’s in the near future. Just wanted to point out that the Speed model doesn’t seem to feature an eVent membrane but just quick-dry materials (per Teva’s web site). Are your early sample any different than that?

    • Nikos – thanks for catching that, and you seem to be exactly right. The shoes that I have do indeed have quick drying synthetic mesh uppers, but not an eVent membrane. So much technology in a pair of shoes, I just got my specs mixed up.

  • George Phoenix

    Would you recommend these shoes for rocky hikes? I had a recent hike where my shoes didn’t stand up to the rough trails. My stomping grounds (NJ/NY/PA) require a stiff sole.

    • George, absolutely. The Spheres are a pretty stiff shoe overall, which I personally like, but the grip pattern and texture makes them superb for rocky terrain. I was incredibly disappointed with my Altra Lone Peaks lacks of grip on wet or mossy rocks dring a section hike of the Appalachian Trail last year, so much so that I haven’t worn them since!

      The TevaSphere grip pattern shown in a close up photo above is very agressive, but it’s their clever Spider Rubber texture that makes them stand out of the crowd. I experienced their Spider Rubber with a pair of water shoes and loved it then. Having it on these makes them perfect for hard, slick surfaces.