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Review: Pacsafe Z28 Urban Security Backpack

PacSafe Z-28 Anti-theft Urban Backpack

I recently wrote a review of the Pacsafe Z28 Urban Security Backpack for the ITS Tactical blog. I thought I’d share a link to it here for those of you who might be interested in learning more about it.

In today’s connected and technology-driven world, it’s hard to go anywhere without the need to take along some pretty expensive tech gadgets. And if you’re a traveling professional, remote teleworker or anyone who works in a technology related field, then it’s even more highly likely that you have some form of laptop or tablet device with you – possibly both.

Unfortunately, with so many portable electronic devices being carried around these days, device and data theft crimes have skyrocketed. Though most corporations provide their employees with safety guidelines on how to best protect their technology assets and intellectual property when traveling, opportunistic device theft is still a major problem.

Read the full review via ITS Tactical >>

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  • audrey lacrouix

    Thanks for the great review; it also prompted me to look into the mesh covers for bags and cameras.

    • Thanks Audrey! The Z28 is just one option for securing your essentials while traveling. The mesh cover, used on the outside or even inside of a pack, is a very versatile option IMHO. If you stumble across any other cool/clever options I’d personally love to hear about them. – Brian

      • audrey lacrouix

        Brian, I ran across the Pacsafe Pacsafe® C25L Camera Bag Protector which is just the wire mesh. The difference between the C25L and the 55L bag mesh (other than the capacity) is the smaller openings, preventing items from passing through the mesh (i.e., camera lens). Since the open design will accommodate any size bag up to 25 liters, I am ordering that item and will update you on my review of it.