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HotFingers – Another Geat Kickstarter Project

Kickstarter is enabling inventors to fund ideas that would have otherwise never made it to market, not because they were bad, just because it’s incredibly hard to pitch and sell ideas – ever watched Shark Tank? Some of those ideas on Kickstarter are ok, some are good, and a few are great – this is one that I believe is the latter and falls into the category of “damn, I wish I had thought of that!

Keeping it Simple
HotFingers is brilliantly simple, make use of the negative space created by the cavity on a stove’s fuel canister. However, it goes one step further and makes use of the UL technique of ‘multi-function gear’ by doubling as a pot holder for picking up hot items when cooking. Hence the name, HotFingers!

Mike Oldani sums it up perectly in his description:

“Backpacking Accessory — Stores all of your small camp essentials, then transforms to protect your hands from hot surfaces”

There are just 10 days left to fund this project via Kickstarter in order to make it reality. I am backing this project, partly because I want my own set of HotFingers for when I take my canister stove camping with my kids, but also because I want to see this clever accessory get made and be available to others.

Become a Backer!
There are thousands of good ideas on Kickstarter, but I like to pick the ones that I personally think are useful, would be something that I can see myself using, and would benefit the larger backpacking community. There’s nothing in this for me other than the chance to see HotFingers become reality, I’m not paid to share these ideas.

Watch the video above and if you think that HotFingers is a good idea, consider becoming a backer on the Kickstarter project, there are funding levels available to suit every budget. If you do back this project, or if you already have, leave a comment below.

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  • nice idea

    however i like now the optimus crux stores in that area, but if ya dont use a crux this would be cool

    Edit: they use the crux in their video

  • ScottAlan

    Brilliant idea. Just wish they made one to fit the smaller (100g) jetboil canisters that fit into my pot. Also, not a good idea to wash your pots/pans out in the river.

    • Scott, maybe if we can get this funded Mike will be able to offer additional sizes to fit other canisters. Keeping my HotFingers crossed!

      • Ruthina

        I see what you did there. You could have just said ‘keep your fingers crossed’, but you didn’t! You said “HotFingers” because that’s what the product is called! Oh wow. That was great. Now I’m going to wash the taste of garlic out of my mouth . . :D

        • Garlic? I thought I was being pretty funny :)

  • sygyzy

    I like this idea and just backed it. I thought the video was very interesting though because it showed casual people like surfers and people going on day hikes bringing along pretty fancy camp stoves. I know he is trying to appeal to a mass audience but the average non-backpacker does not own a stove, let alone carry it around just to heat up some chili after a surf session.

  • JJ Mathes

    I like it and funded it!

  • GoHikeGo

    This is a great idea, and I hope it works out for them. Has anybody mentioned that it could be your “Wilson” after a few months backpacking?

    • Wilson? I’m not getting it…

      • cobradu

        I think he’s referring to tom banks cast away but instead of a volley ball its hot fingers because you could kinda do a vantrilaqist (sorry I can’t spell and I’m too lazy to look it up but its what puppet masters practice lol ). Type of thing while talking to your hot fingers as like a hand puppet if you can picture what im saying?? to keep you from going insane If stranded. Atleast that’s what i got out of it, got a little chuckle so ill continue to think that . Haven’t checked out the budget plans yet but will after this and will probably back it. You have a pretty cool site Brian awesome how you reward viewers atleast I saw on the sts light . Sorry im rambling on but do you have and recommendations on an edc onstop shop type place or site? Been spending alot of time browisng different site for cool n useful gear cause i wanna spend this summer in the woods. i used to always spend time In the walmart camp section but for the most part I’m pretty sure ita not the greatest quality . sorry again thanks and peace !

  • cobradu

    Oh wow bummer guess I’m to late to help . Sorry