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Polepod | Why We Need to Fund This

Polepod Prototype via Kickstarter

One of the best developments in the gear mockup process has got to to be the accessibility and significantly reduced cost of 3D printing for rapid prototyping. You can make a pretty decent 3D printer for under $200 these days. The Polepod on Kickstarter is one the best uses of this technology that I’ve seen recently.

Have Idea – Will Model
The Polepod is an extremely simple and clever idea thought up by Andy Stough, from his frustration of having to carry a bulky or heavy tripods with him on backpacking trips to get the right photo. The “genius” part about Andy’s design is that it leverages the trekking poles your are already carrying (you are right?) to make up 90% of the camera tripod. The Polepod provides the critical missing 10% that pulls it all together and creates a sturdy, adjustable tripod for your camera or smartphone.

Polepod Prototype via Kickstarter

An “I wish I thought of that!” Idea
I’ve just recently received this 3D printer prototype version from Andy and haven’t had time with this on in the backcountry, yet. However, sometimes you just know that this is a worthwhile piece of gear. I can already tell that this would be a piece of gear that I would definitely carry with me on a backpacking trip. It’s like I was trying to come up with this in my head for the longest time, but Andy beat me to it AND did a much better job than I ever could have. I’m backing this project on Kickstarter!

I’ll be taking more photos of the Polepod in use shortly and sharing them with you here, but I wanted to get this out sooner rather than later to encourage any avid backpacking photographers that are out there to consider helping to fund this project and make it real!

Polepod Prototype via Kickstarter

How you can help
I think the Polepod is the tripod solution that I’ve been looking for. Heck, I wish it was the solution I invented, but that ship has sailed (thanks Andy). The photos of the prototype here show a roughly made 3D printer version of what the Polepod could look like. It’s enough to convey the concept and show how the actual device would work (I was sold in 5 minutes), but if funded into production the finished product could be so much better.

Please consider backing the Polepod project via Kickstarter in order to make help it go into production. Andy isn’t looking for a ridiculous amount of money, just $10,000 to tool up and get started. Check out his Kickstarter page and read through the information on wat you get and how the money will be used. You’ll see that Andy has clearly laid out the risks and knows what he’s getting himself into. I’m including the video below – it’s worth watching. Thanks – Brian.

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  • Brian

    Brilliant! Just ordered one. Only wish he listed a weight…

    • Well to be perfectly fair, there’s not much point in listing a weight for a 3D printed prototype as it’s almost certainly going to change. Here are the exact weights of the parts (subject to change of course!):

      Polepod Base Plate: 40g
      Camera Mount: 23g
      Tent stake and cord: 15g
      The Giottos MH1004 ballhead: 48g
      Smartphone Adapter: 18g

      Hope this helps, but as I said before these are mock-ups weights. I’m pretty sure Andy will be looking to improve on these when he goes into production. Also, not all of these components are needed to use the Polepod.

  • Zachary Reiss-Davis

    I was an early backer (no other affiliation with him) when I found it when looking for EXACTLY this product for sale; I really hope it raises the money, because it solves a clear pain-point for me.

    • Zach, I agree. This is the perfect solution for those of us that love photography and carry trekking poles when hiking. Done deal, now I just hope it get’s backed!

  • it got canceled =(

    • I know. I’ve spoken to Andy several times. He’s going to tweak the design and bring it back on Kickstarter later on in the year most likely. It’s still a great concept and his new version will be even better I’m sure of it. I’ll be backing it again then :)