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Derek Hansen Becomes GG Trial Ambassador

The Ultimate Hang by Derek Hansen

Just a short post to say congratulations to Derek Hansen, author of The Ultimate Hang and illustrator extraordinaire, on becoming the latest addition to the Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador program. I think that Derek is a fabulous choice and will bring his hammock camping expertise to some people (like me!) who coud really use it.

The Ultimate Hang by Derek Hansen

If you are into hammock camping and haven’t done so already, check out Derek’s book The Ultimate Hang for a wealth of information, advice, and tips and tricks to make your hammock camping even more enjoyable. No matter you level of expertise, I promise you there will be new information for you inside his book.

You can find out more about Derek and his book via his website, blog, and even follow him on Twitter (@TheUltimateHang). Welcome to the Gossamer Gear TA family Derek!

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  • Thanks Brian!

  • Chad Ashton

    I just got this book but haven’t started reading it. I am new to hammocks and just ordered my first. I am excited to read the book and try hanging as well.

    • Would love to hear how it goes when your new hammock arrives and what you think of it after your first night sleeping in it.

  • tryker13

    Derek’s book is awesome! i converted to hammock camping over a year ago. It’s much more comfy! Another source on hammocks is the forum, (or HF as it is called) There’s a great bunch of folks that “hang” out there, ( myself and Derek included). Derek’s book is the “bible” for hammock camping, in my honest opinion. Another benefit I received on HF, is the introduction to the cottage industries, which I like to support. Happy Hanging!