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Review of the New and Improved Butterfly Wallet

Review of the New and Improved Butterfly Wallet

Thought I’d share a quick update on one of my all time favorite pieces of ultralight urban gear, the Butterfly Wallet. Several months ago I shared my thoughts on the original Butterfly Wallet that I had been using for some time and many of you liked what you saw. A lot of you bought one, or more.

A few of you mentioned that the wallet didn’t hold credit cards tightly enough, especially in the middle pocket, and that you had trouble with credit cards falling or sliding out accidentally. While the card pockets are definitely not snug, I’d never experienced that particular issue, but it was valid feedback.

Review of the New and Improved Butterfly Wallet

Mark Winstein, the owner and designer of the Butterfly Wallet listened to the feedback he got from all of you as well as from other sites and gear reviews and took it to heart, determined to make some changes and improvements to his product.

New and Improved Version
The latest version of the Butterfly Wallet brings you all the same advantages as the original, lightweight (less than 0.2 oz), simple design, and durability but now comes with has a narrower middle credit card pocket. In fact all three credit card pockets are now the same width, 2.25 inches to be exact, and hold your cards more tightly than the original – no more slippage!

Review of the New and Improved Butterfly Wallet

The change necessary to make this improvement was actually quite simple. Mark increased the width between the two vertical lines of stitching that delineate the three credit card pockets. Hover over the photo above to see exactly where.

You can see it a little more clearly in the photo below where I have my original Butterfly Wallet placed directly behind the newer version. It’s only a minor tweak to the design, but it’s made a big difference on function and user satisfaction – based on the comments I’ve read on Mark’s website and Facebook page.

Review of the New and Improved Butterfly Wallet

So there you have it. My favorite UL urban wallet just got even better. These make great little Christmas stocking stuffer presents too!

Do you own one of the original Butterfly Wallets or maybe one of the new ones? What do you think of it?

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Disclosure: Butterfly Wallet Co. provided Brian’s Backpacking Blog with an updated version of the wallet for the purpose of this update.

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  • josh

    Thier shopping cart isnt working in chrome. I add a wallet, it confirms that it was added, then I go to check out and its empty. All in the span of 30 seconds.

    • Josh, I use chrome on my MacBook Pro 100% of the time and the cart works for me. I’ll ping Mark at Butterfly Wallet and see if he has any ideas – I’d hate to suggest you use a different browser ;)

      • Sam

        worked on chrome with the code here, nice find brian.

  • JH

    Hellzyeah! 1 in black on the way.

  • T3Knical

    Awesome deal and I actually just got mine in the mail. I noticed something odd about it and wanted to know if it was by design or a defect. I noticed the seems for the card slots are tilted up and to the left meaning my left most pocket is VERY tight and my right pocket is relativity loose. How is yours?

    • That sounds like you might have some slightly irregular stitching on your, mine is even and regular. I’d suggest reaching out to Mark to see if he can swap it for you, he’s a super nice guy, very approachable and would want you to be happy with it.

  • Kurthwood

    I purchased one of these wallets this week. Shipping was
    fast, only two days I should have heeded the quality warning from another
    post. The left and center pockets are too large to secure credit cards. The
    right pocket is too small for a credit card. The pockets are tilted to the
    right and some of the stitching appears to be incomplete or coming loose. I
    can’t use this wallet. It’s only a $10 loss but I thought I would give a warning
    to others considering a purchase. I have not contacted Mark. The quality
    control is poor. I would not recommend this purchase.


    • You should absolutely contact Mark about this. It should not be that way and despite the earlier version being loose, all of the new ones that I have are just fine. Shoot me an email via the address listed at the top of my blog and I’ll forward it to Mark – I’m sure he’ll want to resolve this and make you happy – Brian.

  • Zombeatty

    This is a great looking wallet. I had bought a wallet from and found that I could not only add my money and cards but there was these little mini pockets, probably made by mistake/excess that allowed me to stash a small UL pen cartridge and a Verbatim 16gb mini USB stick. They should leave the tops of the separator columns, between the card slots, open on the butterfly wallet so you can slide a pen down or something else useful and thin. My 2 cents.

  • Swede Steve

    I left a comment at the other post “Butterfly Wallet/Urban Ultralight” about using ultralight wallets. Just want to clerify that I actually ordered the new and improved butterfly wallet mentioned above and still I lost my creditcard.. and I´m not really a careless person. Hope this information can help someone..

  • khan k

    In order to fix the loose card problem, I sewed a small piece of elastic band to the bottom of the middle section to the inside of the top. When I fold it up, i pull the band around and everything is snug and secure. I love the wallet, I sometimes have to check my pocket to see if its actually there.

    • I *love* my Butterfly wallet too. It’s funny you mention checking your pockets to see if it is there, because I’ve noticed that I do it all the time too. Must be one of the perils of having such a lightweight wallet :)