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Memorandum Card | World’s Tiniest Notebook

Memorandum Card | World's Tiniest Notebook

Hailed as the world’s tiniest notebook, the Memorandum Card has been designed to fit into a standard credit card sized wallet slot. This incredibly slim memo pad has an unbelievable 31 sheets of paper in it and is only 1.6 mm thick – oh and it weighs just 6 grams!

Below is a photo of a Memorandum Card notebook in the middle slot of my UL Butterfly Wallet. It fits perfectly in any of the slots, but for some reason I like carrying it in the middle one – must be a Feng Shui thing.

Memorandum Card | World's Tiniest Notebook

The Memorandum Card notebook is available in six colors: black, white, blue, red, bronze, and gold. As you can see I tend to favor the black ones myself as they match my wallet and overall EDC preferences. These are the perfect size to allow you to carry everywhere a functional paper notebook with you everywhere.

Memorandum Card | World's Tiniest Notebook

If you’re a bit of a notebook or pen and paper geek like myself, you’ll get a kick out of the simplicity of the packaging too. Each of the three notebooks comes individually wrapped.

Memorandum Card | World's Tiniest Notebook

Memorandum Card | World's Tiniest Notebook

According to the packaging, these nifty little notebooks are made by Midori, Japan. I’m now on my second set having carried these little beauties for the past year. I purchased my Memorandum Card notebook in a 3-pack via Tokyo Pen Shop and can highly recommend them for their excellent customer service!

How do you carry a small amount of paper with you so that you can write something down in a pinch if you have to? Care to share..

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Disclosure: The Memorandum Card Notebooks were purchased using the author’s own funds.

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  • Jennifer

    I use a regular white sheet of printer paper, folded in half lengthwise and then in fourths crosswise to form 8 rectangular sections. I label the top of each section with the date and use it to make my “to do” list and write down appointments for each day. Going up the righthand side of each section, I write what we’re having for dinner that night (my weekly menu plan.) The eighth section is where I keep my grocery list. I use the backside for journaling, or writing down misc. information. I file them away in a binder as my personal history.

    I like being able to see the view of the whole week on one page, but I also like to fold it up and just focus on one day at a time. Fits easily in my wallet, costs less than a penny, and weighs 4 grams.

    Great blog!

    • Simple solution. Absolutely nothing wrong with that :) These were just cool and a friend saw me using them and asked about them. Thought there might be more interest so shared a quick post. Thanks for the kind words and for leaving a comment.

  • Knotty

    Great find Brian. I normally keep a small, thin Moleskine notebook in my back pocket. This provides and even smaller option for keeping a notepad handy.

    I was fortunate to travel to Japan a few years ago and can tell you that they are pen and paper fanatics. The choices in the stores are endless.

    • The Tokyo Pen shop is a treasure trove for pen geeks. I buy my favorite Pilot Hi-Tec C 0.3mm pens from them by the box!

  • CharlesRivet

    Nice. In the past I’ve made my own mini-notebooks using PocketMod ( ), but this is nicer.

    • Thanks Charles, I can remember using PocketMod a very long time ago – it brings back memories! This little notebook gives you 31 sheets of paper! I love these, been giving them out to all my UL friends.

  • Hottoddy

    I stick some post it note’s on the back of my license .

  • CaptainBlack

    Having read this I have just made one for myself (though with fold on the long edge, may try one with fold on short edge now)

    • You just made a tiny notebook or folder a single piece of paper to carry in your wallet? I’m curious to see what you did if you can share a photo.