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Advice to Your Younger Self…

Fun Times in MT

Just for fun: If you could travel back in time and give your younger self one really good piece of backpacking related advice based on your experiences over the years, what would it be?

I think I’d tell myself to look at a career path that would allow me work outdoors and become an ¬†advocate for protecting all of the magnificent places that we enjoy playing in. Oh and I’d probably warn my 11-year-old (stupid) self about the dangers of falling out of tall trees!

How about you?

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  • JJ_Mathes

    Start earlier in life!

  • josh camp

    go more.

  • Fun post! I would tell myself to invest in cuben fiber… :)

  • Barb

    Yeah, start before your knees give out.

    • Mine would be my lower back, but I hear ya!

  • Brandon

    As cliche as it sounds, and is…”It’s not about the destination, but the journey”

    • It’s only a cliche if it sounds dumb, which this doesn’t. Forget about all the gear talk – get outside and enjoy the beautiful landscapes that we have.

      • Daniel Yates

        Agreed, you can see nature on a urban trail, it is not about how well you are “tecked ” out, it is about appreciating where you are. Although the right stuff makes it easier. I used to camp in the open with nothing but an old cotton bag and some visqueen. If you get sucked into the “stuff” race, it kills the joy. Get good stuff but don”t obsess, let Brian do that . ;+)

  • Spud

    Just GO!

  • Learn to love moderation (all my energy went towards one thing) and spend more nights outside.

    • I have to ask what that one thing was/is?

  • Jayme

    Don’t. Pack. Everything.

  • Go on a big trip. Now! It can be a guided trip, a trip of your own or whatever but go big. You can do it already.

    • Oh boy. Is there a big trip that you wish you had gone on earlier in life?

      • The 3-week unsupported ski expedition to Svalbard is my biggest trip yet and I did it in 2011. Should have done it or something similar a few years earlier as I could have. Luckily, I’m still young and have the time to do more.

  • Great idea! I’d tell myself to approach my pack list from nothing towards my needs, not from everything and cut down. But I also would have chosen a career based on my outdoor passions.

    • josh camp

      Brilliant and I never thought of it like that, but I would definitely try to incorporate my love for the outdoors with my chosen profession.

  • ronda

    look for a profession with a pension. Be quiet more. Before fussing at someone, think ‘if the person doesn’t do the thing I think they should what real harm will come?’ if none – don’t fuss. Less fussing and more quiet – frees yourself to become more aware of yourself and those around you. moisturize your neck and don’t wear heavy earrings :-)

    • ronda

      funny . oh backpacking related… quiet is still good – listen to those you encounter on the trail and ask questions to connect with and learn. And just get out and do it from a young age – so bps are not so much an event to be waited for, but bping is just what you do.

    • Daniel Yates

      Rhonda, Im so fat I sweat gravy, do I still need to moisturize my neck?

  • Snctool

    I would tell myself to hike more miles, leave more stress behind, listen to the quiet and observe more bounty in nature.

  • Live simply and avoid debt so that you are unencumbered and free to do what you want.

  • I’m with you on the career path thing – I also wish I had pursued something outside. I’d also tell myself to keep on being fearless (climbing Half Dome at 33 is not the same as 14 in terms of nerve!) and keep on exploring as much as possible.

  • Kyle

    I would tell my younger self to work hard early and learn as much as possible as it easier and stays with you longer when you are young.

  • Nathan Smith

    I would say to never allow the rat race to get in the way of your love for the mountains. Money will come and go; but the mountains may not always be there. (We’ve had a lot of my favorite areas burn this last summer)

  • Get a dog and go backpacking alone.

  • Daniel Yates

    What advice would I give? Just do it. I was not exposed to it as a younger person. Just do it. Go. Now. Don’t wait> Get your ass in the car and drive there, even if all you have is a knife, a blue tarp and some canned anchovies, have a good time.
    You younger folks, time is a wastin. I am 55 and missed out on so much, but if you wish to do something, don’t persevorate, go!

  • gnhikn1

    Start backpacking and fly-fishing at an earlier age. Apply yourself more to school and party less. Spend less time under the hood of a musclecar and more time in the woods. Consume less alcohol, save it for the backpacking stove.