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Outdoor Retailer Show – Salt Lake City

Outdoor Retailer Show 2012

In a few hours I’ll be boarding a plane to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show (OR Show). I’ve wanted to attend this event for the last few years and was finally able to make it happen this year.

I’ll be meeting with as many of the vendors as I can to get the scoop on what’s new and innovative in the outdoor product market for 2013. I have an incredibly tightly packed schedule for the next three days, so I expect to get a lot of great information directly from the manufacturers.

Follow My LIVE Updates
If you have a Twitter account you can follow my live Tweets from the show by following me @bfgreen or by using the hashtag #ORshow. If you don’t have a Twitter account, don’t panic! I’ve added a Twitter feed widget to the right hand sidebar of my blog for the next few days.

If you see something mentioned in my Twitter feed that you want to know more about, feel free to tweet me back and include the hashtag! If you’re quick I might even be able to ask the manufacturers directly.

I’ll be Tweeting out gear photos from the show as best as I can and using Instagram (with the same hashtag as above) for some of the photos, feel free to follow along on the photo feed too.

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  • BarefootJake

    I’m looking forward to big things here. Be the shining light for those who can’t be there friend. Safe travels. Positive vibes your way.

  • Andy

    Cool. I hope you have a great time. I’d headed out for my first OR Show and I’m stoked for it.

  • Thanks Bro!

  • Decided to use the standard #ORShow hashtag instead of my own – advice from others. Make sense.

  • Really excited for you man, hope you have an amazing time!!!

  • Having a blast yet?! :)

  • James Conley

    If you don’t mind my asking Brian, what do you do professionally? Somehow I got the impression that you did something in IT but I don’t think I’ve ever seen you mention it directly.

  • I do something in IT, like you thought ;-] Email me if you’re that curious.