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How Many Miles Have You Hiked in 2012?

Altra Lone Peaks

Nowhere near enough, would be my response to that question. Between my day job, training for a major event, family life, and every other distraction you can think of, I’ve been unable to get out as much as I would normally or wanted to.

I’ve done less hiking this year than any other year I can remember. I’d say that based on the hiking I’ve done so far, I’ll be under 50 miles in total – that’s really low for me. I’ve done lots of day hikes, multi-nighters (long weekends) but nothing substantial – and I really have the itch bad.

In a few weeks I’ll be hitting the trails with Stick of Stick’s Blog and a few local backpackers, which will be a nice get together and will add a few more miles to the list. Later in August I’ll be going to Mount Whitney again which will be gorgeous and a lot of fun.

So, how many miles have you hiked so far this year? More or less than you had hoped for and what’s holding you back from getting outside more?

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  • EasygoJoe

    I’ve been keeping track for a change this year. So far I have 244 miles, with only one really long hike at 40 miles. All the rest have been day hikes or one nighters.

    I don’t really have any other hobbies……:O)

  • A couple hundred miles of training hikes, and 542 miles on the Appalachian Trail. Not bad for only half the year.

  • Which trip are you referring to, my upcoming trip with Stick?

  • Joslyn Bloodworth

    I am saddened to say I’m in the same boat with you, not enough! With my hubby and I on opposite days of the week off and very few hiking buddies in my area and now a job that takes most of my Saturdays, I haven’t gotten to do anything better than day hikes so far. Thankfully I’ll be joining you and Stick in July. Hopefully it will be the first of many trips this year!!

  • I’m currently at just over 300 hiking miles including a couple of pleasantly long trips in the 40-50 mile range done over 2-3 days. This already exceeds my total hiking miles for 2011 and I’ve done my first “multi-night” trips this year so I’m feeling pretty good. Historically I usually have a poor second half to the year (usually for weather reasons) so we’ll see whether I can maintain this pace and get to 600 by Christmas!

    I hope you manage to up your mileage over the summer and that your planned outings work out.

  • Nick that’s awesome. If this is already over your miles for 2011, can I ask how you came up with the goal of 600 miles for 2012 – it’s not bad just seems high compared to your previous year. Don’t stop, don’t give up! ^BG

  • I am sooo looking forward to our hike and meeting you and Stick! I’ve just had similar issues – work, family, life, stuff – just been a tough year all round. Not all bad stuff either, just things that take up chunks of my time.

    But this reminds me, we should get an email going or phone call to work out logistics for our group. I’ll ping the Stick’ster :)

  • Not too shabby! That’s awesome Tamera. Do you have much more planned for the rest of the year?

  • That many miles with only one long hike is impressive. I wasn’t keeping a very good count and may be a handful of mile over 50, but it’s close enough to be sad about. How many miles do you think you’ll have by the end of the year?

  • One of these days I need to start keeping track… We head out at least every weekend, but I have no idea…

  • Eugeneius

    I’ve hiked significantly less miles than I’ve run in 2012, but many of my long ultra distance trail runs/races turn into all day long run/speed hikes depending on the elevation profile and course- the R2R2R run at the Grand Canyon in April was a 47 mile day alone, with a lot of speed hiking on the ascents. I wish I could hike and backpack more, but trail running fits a busy schedule easier, more miles in a shorter period of time. Best guess on hiking specific mileage ~200, hopefully next year I can get in more trips if I plan them out better. Hiking the JMT in 2013 is one such goal.

  • Ryan Wheeler

    I’ve hiked about 500 miles total in 2012. I did some winter hikes and early spring hikes, then did about 350 miles on the AT while attempting a thru. Ended up getting a job offer, so I got off-trail and returned home. Definitely less than I would have liked to hike, but still a very awesome number in my mind.

    It will be higher before the end of the year, though, I want to go back out and do some more AT sections, just closer to where I am. Do some trail magic in the process. What ideas do you (and maybe your readers) have for doing trail magic?

  • Tim

    We’ve gotten in maybe 4 hikes this year and I think our total miles stands at 12.1 miles. That’s really low for us. I don’t forsee us doing anything else until the heat relents. Once the cooler temps return, we may get out for a couple more but with the latest Bird Family edition, everything is up in the air and usually on a whim.

  • Thanks Brian! Well, actually there wasn’t a specific mileage goal for this year, more of an aim to simply do more backpacking and so, inevitably, longer trips. This has resulted in a few two night trips so far and I’m still hopeful (despite work doing its best to get in the way) of doing a longer 5-7 night trip later in the summer.

  • It’s been a fun year, not as many miles, but a lot of social backpacking. I’d guess in the 150 range with day hikes. Got off to a hot start with the low snow this year in CO. Hoping to hit 50 this weekend going solo.

  • Easygojoe

    I don’t know honestly. I’m starting to peter out. I started hard this year in January and February, hiking anything that wasn’t snow covered. I’ve got two more backpacking trips scheduled. Maybe 300?

    I’m training for a half marathon in September also, and that saps a lot of mojo.

  • Stephen

    Well over 1000!!!

    That is abnormally large because I am about halfway through my thru-hike of the AT
    And several weekends and such before leaving for Springer Mtn. Can’t complain a bit

  • JJ_Mathes

    I’ve hiked a little over 100-miles not including day hikes and getting ready to add about 400-miles starting this Sunday. My miles are low this year too mostly due to a health thing, but that’s long behind me.

  • Outdoorgrrl

    My tally is at 163 miles, 72,621′ of vertical gain, and 29 mountains climbed. (I’m a peak-bagger, not a distance hiker.) Sometimes I think it’s easy to get fixated on a metric like miles. Maybe you need to think about days out, new trails hiked, or some other metric that will be fulfilling this year!

  • snctool

    I have only hiked a few miles due to a torn meniscus in my right knee back early in the spring. I now have to wear a brace for the rest of my life. Hopefully my knee will get strong enough so I can resume hiking. I have hiked many a mile in my day and I am happy looking back at all the trails I followed.

  • camper trailer sales

    I love hiking that I lost my count! Nice post.

  • Joslyn Bloodworth

    I’d love it if I could find someone who can do 2-3 day hikes without it including a Saturday, but hiking buddies are hard to come by especially ones you hike well with and the hubby doesn’t like me going out all alone. I am so excited about this trip, I’ve already packed and unpacked about a hundred times and keep fidgeting with my gear list. I am determined to get it under 5lb base weight, a feat for sure since I don’t own anything in cuben!

    We do need to get the details ironed out. Stick said he’d get that going as soon as he gets back from GSMNP this weekend!

  • I’m up to over 200 including local warmup hikes this year. Going to New Hampshire later this month for the annual Seek the Peak Hike up Mount Washington, will be section hiking more of the AT in August and am planning my first solo multi-day trip, a 90 mile hike of the STS Trail in northern PA. I’d love to hit 500 miles this year, that would be a first.

  • SectionHiker

    I hike almost every day so I reckon it will be somewhere between 700-1000 miles this year. Less backpacking this year than in previous years though due to all kinds of health crises in our family, so I reckon I’ll only get about 30 nights out this year. That’s about 50% less than normal. It’s been a hard year, but hiking had made it much better.

  • If blogging and hiking were my full time job and I had no kids, I’d probably rack up quite a few more miles too ;) Good to hear the hiking is making a rough year just a little easier.

  • Good luck on your first solo – I love getting out on my own, you’re gonna love it.

  • Sorry to hear about the injury, be sure to take it easy and let that knee get better. Enjoy the scenery and don’t worry about logging miles!

  • Good point. Another metric might be hours spent outside teaching my kids to appreciate the outdoors – I’d say that would be like a 10-1 ratio, 10 miles equals one good hours of being outdoors with my kids. In which case I’m in great shape ;)

  • Way to go!

  • My answer is also, not enough! However, I am looking forward to getting out with you and the others on our upcoming hike!

  • Shanna P

    How do you keep track of your miles? Just kind of abstractly- ‘well I know I did this hike and that hike and there was that weekend I did….’ or do you have a chart or someplace you scribble your hike afterward? I don’t use a GPS, so I can’t go back and track where I actually was & when.

  • Knotty

    I’m also probably under 50 miles. Ugh.

  • I feel your pain, but I’m looking forward to adding another ~30 miles of the AT this weekend with Stick and a few other nearby backpackers. Will be fun to have a local meet up and share stories :)

  • Shanna, I’m going to be using my SPOT II satellite GPS messenger for this trip as a test for Mt. Whitney in Aug. My wife and kids bought it for me as a Father’s Day present, and to give them peace of mind when I’m on the trail.

    But I don’t usually have any electronic way of tracking miles. Just about all of my mutli-day trips begin with doing homework on maps, planning distances, water sources, alternative campsites, etc. The result of the upfront planning is that I have a pretty accurate estimate for the miles I will be doing in total and for each day of my trip.

    Then I just keep track in a pocket notebook after the fact. For day hikes with my kids, I got by time along the trail and very rough estimates of distances as their pace is far from steady and they’re easily distracted… squirrel!

  • As long as you’re getting out on a regular basis and don’t feel like you haven’t hiked in a long time, then I’d say not to even worry about tracking the miles :)

  • You didn’t respond, so Yeah! I’m going to be wearing them on my section hike of the AT with Chad “Stick” Poindexter Joslyn Bloodworth

  • Lynn & 2 border collies

    This year I decided to keep track….made a New Year’s resolution to hike 300 miles this year :) I was just kind of curious – because I had no idea how many miles I hike in a year. So, we’ve used our GPS to track. So far, 251 miles. Started a new blog this year to document our hikes as well.


    I use garmin connect to track my hikes, closing in on 200 miles. Nice blog, have a visit to mine ?