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Blog Makeover From Young Artist

The Artist Hard at Work

A few months ago I stumbled upon the work of an aspiring young artist that immediately caught my eye. I was classically trained as an illustrator and while I may not work in that field anymore, I still enjoy drawing, painting and looking at art of all kinds – chances are you’ve seen some of my sketches and drawings throughout this blog.

The drawings that I had discovered were by a young artist named Laurent Tougas. If that last name sounds familiar to you it’s probably because Laurent is the son of my good friend and fellow blogger Damien Tougas of

I had stumbled upon Laurent’s work purely by accident and had noticed that some of his pieces, shown online, were for sale. I was tempted to buy one or two pieces right then and there, but instead I wondered if I might be able to commission Laurent for a paid custom illustration. I reached out to Damien to ask if that would be okay and if Laurent was even interested. Luckily for me the answer was a resounding yes on both counts.

My commission request was simple: Recreate a hand-drawn version of my blog banner using the medium of Laurent’s choosing so that I could use the new illustration to replace the photographic banner that I currently have. The artist accepted the challenge and set to work, quite excitedly from what his father told me.

A week or two passed, I had some work travel at that time if I recall, and then before I knew it Damien had sent me an electronic scan of Laurent’s artwork. Needless to say I was blown away by his new version of my banner – it was exactly what I had wanted and far beyond what I had envisioned when I first saw his illustrations.

So, I am very proud and pleased to show off my new hand-drawn blog banner courtesy of my fellow artist Laurent Tougas. Thank you Laurent, I love it!

   » Artist for Hire | Behind the scenes of Laurent’s artwork via FIMBY blog

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  • Wpuranga

    Way to show the talent of others! It looks great!

  • joenewton

    Great idea, wonderful illustration. 

  • Anonymous

    Nice work! What a talented young man and a great way too support him!

    Bomber Bash

  • movingfastwhilstgettingnowhere

    That’s both fantastic and inspirational. My respect and congratulations to you both, it looks great!

  • brownwetdog

    Very nice on all counts!

  • flatcatgear

    Nice work, that is a talented young person!

  • DD Longlegs

    Way to go!! Very nice. :-D

  • Jak

    Great thought about illustration.It will be helpful for all to increase own knowledge.So amazing that is real.
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  • What a great illustration! Laurent is very talented.

  • Snctool

    Wonderful talent and excellent artwork. I am impressed and it suits you Brian. He even put your puppy dog in the scene. I may have to discuss with him an improvement to my website. Keep up the good work son. You have a promising future.

  • Very cool idea, Brian; and a beautiful drawing by Laurent – thumbs up!

  • Unwaveringfaith

    Awesome Laurent! Very proud of you. I love how you shade your picture with the markers. That must be hard to learn how to do properly. You have some really amazing talent…stick with it!

  • He did a great job didn’t he. The shading on the side of my tarp is probably my favorite section :)

  • I’m loving it and very proud of my new artist buddy.

  • Steve, all new commissions must come through me ;) Just kidding, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets asked to more work like this – I hope he does.

  • I’m so pleased with the way it turned out. I think this would make for a great business card.

  • I have always liked that look.  Great job!

  • Nopope


  • Very nice and as others have said, the shading is fantastic.  Great job helping out a young artist.

  • Great job!  Love the links on the image too!