Winner of the Kupilka Starter Kit…

Joslyn backpacking hiking cookware kit photo

The response to my Kupilka Starter Kit Giveaway was phenomenal, far greater than anything I had expected. After going through all of the emails I received to determine if they were complete or not (I did respond to everyone that forgot a photo even though UI said I wouldn’t), I received a total of 144 eligible submissions!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to the questions and attached a photo of their cooking kit. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to post very many of the responses, but there were a lot of excellent ones. Time permitting I’ll share some more so we can all see what cooking kit is being used.

So, the real question on everyone’s mind is – who is the winner? As with all my other giveaways, there is just no good way for me to personally pick a winner, so I turn to to do the dirty work for me. Here’s how it went down…


Congratulations to Joslyn Davisson! Please contact me so that I can get your shipping address and send your Kupilka goodies off to you. My condolences to those of you that took the time to enter but did not win. I will be having more giveaways later in the year in an effort to clear out my growing gear closet – so stay tuned.

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  • Patrick Gosnell

    Congrats Joslyn!!! Thanks for the opportunity Brian!

  • bfgreen

    You’re a good sport Mr. Gosnell. Thanks for your entry and great photo. They’ll be other giveaways.

  • Patrick Gosnell

    Yeah, I try to be. It’s all fair and square…Uhm, could you foward me Josyln’s home address when you get it. So I can send her a “Congrats Card”? LOL….:ppp

  • Rumour has it there’s going to be another Kupilka raffle coming along on some Northern European hiking blog in the not to distant future ;)

  • bfgreen

    Wow, I wonder who that could be..? :-p

  • Patrick Gosnell

    Wow…Joslyn hasn’t even recieved it yet and has already agreed to give it away in a raffle? That is awesome! Maybe I can win it after all…You just can’t beat people like Joslyn…;0

  • Congrats Joslyn!

  • bfgreen

    I don’t think it will be Joslyn.

  • Patrick Gosnell

    Yeah, I don’t blame her either.

  • Patrick Gosnell

    Oh yeah…Brian…Did you see how CLOSE my name was to the winner? DOH!

  • bfgreen

    Yes! It’s my blog remember? I made the spreadsheet. You missed by one row – sorry man.

  • Patrick Gosnell

    Yeah yeah yeah….I remember…just thought I would publicly point that out…lol…it’s all good…I’m a great loser…always have been…it’s what I love about me…Next time though or I’m selling all my gear!!!

  • Wow!!

  • Wow! Thanks Brian!! Great giveaway as always. It was fun to sit down and answer all your questions. Love your blog!

  • bfgreen

    Joslyn, congrats on the win. I’ll try to get the Kupilka gear out to you today or tomorrow at the latest. I hope you enjoy it, it’s great stuff :-)


    Joslyn- Congratulations, enjoy your new & very cool kit.

  • Michael (Kupilka)

    Thanks Brian and congrats Joslyn! Greeting from Finland

  • bfgreen

    Thanks Michael. You’re the man that made it all possible! US sales seem to be going great guns.

  • Brian, 

    again thank you so much! You’ve helped us find spread the word about Kupilka and even find a distributor in the US. We highly appreciate your support!

    I will post a list of retailers on every Kupilka post, to make sure everyone knows where to get Kupilka in the US.Also, we have a Kupilka – USA page for all Facebook users. Kevin Stevens currently hosts the page and he keeps our followers posted.Simply, “like” our Kupilka page at and you you can find a link to the Kupilka – USA page in the “Likes” section on the left-hand side. 

    Kupilkas are currently available at: (Distributor)

    Follow us on Twitter at:

    Greetings from Finland!

    Michael at Kupilka