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Ounces & Inches – Decimal Tables

I always seem to need to look up the decimal value for fractions of an ounce when I’m writing one of my blog posts. I try to include detailed weight specifics for any products or MYOG projects as part of the post. Unfortunately my small digital scales only display weights as fractions and I’m definitely more a decimal kinda guy – thanks to my UK education. The same is true for inches, I prefer to see the decimal equivalent.

So, I put together the following two little tables to reference when I’m composing my blog posts. Then it struck me that these may be useful to others, so I thought I’d share them with you. If you find them handy, that’s great and please let me know. Or if you know of any better reference tables, let me know that too.

Do you prefer to see weights and measures provided in fractions or decimals?

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  • Metric is just so much easier.

  • rcmike

    I prefer decimal as well. If you have to do the conversion often enough, it might be worth using a keyboard shortcut utility to convert from fractions to decimal or the other way around. For example

    .0625 would automatically be replaced with 1/16
    .1/16 would automatically be replaced with .0625

    The preceding decimal is used for matching purposes in case you really wanted to type the fraction.

  • I grew up in a family of carpenters, so I’m a fraction user. Decimals just don’t mean that much to me, except for .25, .33, .50, .66, .75. Those are easy for me to convert to fractions.

  • Wow Brian! Thanks. This is really useful and one of those things you didn’t even think about needing until you see it!

  • rcmike, that’s a brilliant idea. I’m just about to search for a handy keyboard shortcut utility, unless you can suggest one?

    Bryan, that’s exactly why I wanted to ask. I’m a decimal native (was born into decimalization) so fractions to me are antiquated and a nuisance for the most part, but for lots of folks it’s a way of life and habit. It’s all good, just different :-)

    Jason, yeah I find myself looking it up so often that I just bit the bullet and made one to have handy – figured I’d share for those that were as badly afflicted as myself.

  • Thankfully, I have these memorized…I do packaging engineering…So I have to use decimals all the time…but before I memorized them, I just kept a calculator next to my keyboard or just use my pc’s calculater…pretty simple…just divide…example…1/16…1 divided by 16 = .0625…I hate math…

  • Patrick – to be honest I never thought of doing anything as simple as division. Dividing 1 by 16 is so stupidly obvious… now. Doh! Thanks :)

  • rcmike

    Brian…I’m on a Mac so I use TextExpander from

  • rcmike

    Brian…I’m on a Mac so I use TextExpander from

  • BrianGreen

    This is brilliant. I’ve already made a card with a list of unit conversions. Metric to¬†English for distance, volume, and weight. This only seems like a natural addition. Why didn’t I think of that?

    • Well if your name is really “Brian Green” (me) then technically you did already think of that!