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New Year Weight Reductions

Less is more, as they say, so I’ve decided to apply that same principle to the title of my blog in an effort to shave off a few unnecessary ounces.

Why, you may ask? Well, ‘Brian’s Backpacking & Hiking Blog’ is just too long as a blog title IMHO (and according to extensive reader research), so in order to kick-start the new year I’m shortening the name to simlpy Brian’s Backpacking Blog.

Will the shorter name make a dramatic difference? Probably not, but that’s a 28% reduction in the length of the title which I’m delighted to be able to share with you all at no additional cost.

So to recap, same blog, same great gear reviews, same great photos, same great articles and in-depth information – just with a new lighter weight name.  Happy New Year everyone!

Gear Links: Eastern Mountain Sports | REI | CampSaver | Patagonia | Altrec

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  • You could shorten the name even more, to something snazzy like “BBB” (altho the Better Business Bureau might have something to say about it) or “Triple B” or “B^3”.

  • That’s too funny – B3 did pop into my head but being a technology guy (during the week at least) I figured it was a little too geeky. I’ll see if it comes up again – thanks for all your input, really appreciate al your comments!

  • Brian,
    There might be something wrong with you, because you’re starting to sound like me!

  • i like the shorter name :)

  • John, is that such a bad thing? But I know what you mean :-)

  • Like minds :~)>