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DIY Tyvek Stuff Sack

I’ve used FedEx and UPS Tyvek envelopes for small ground cloths or kneeling pads for quite some time, but I’ve never thought of using them as stuff sacks, yet alone making them myself with dental floss. I have to say that after seeing this video I made one exactly like it and it’s pretty slick. Super strong and ultra lightweight – it took about 5 minutes to make. I love the disclaimer at the beginning of the video: “… a used USPS envelope!”  All credit goes to Pig Monkey’s original post on ITS Tactical.

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  • Glad you liked it!

    I have yet to be arrested for advocating that people recycle federal property… Maybe someday.

  • As long as it is recycling and not misuse! You really do live on the edge :-p

  • Anonymous

    tyvek is cool because it is also water proof. not to say it is submersible, but it beads water nicely.

  • I did the same thing a few months ago with a large tyvek envelope that I received a jacket in. Except I used some of the MLD LiteLine and a mini cord lock, but I used duct tape to seal the edges. It has worked great. However, I made one from some scrap silnylon the same size so I don’t use the tyvek one much anymore.