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The Gen2 StickPic

Gen2 Stickpic

A little while ago I wrote a brief review of StickPic generation 1.  Since that time the developers of this nifty little gadget (Rod and David) have been hard at work thinking of ways to improve on their original concept – no easy task after hitting a home run first time round. But in my opinion, after comparing the two versions, they have managed to make the StickPic even better!

Above is a photo showing my original StickPic on the right and the new and improved StickPic on the left.  Other than the more clearly defined engraved logo you may not easily notice any of the other changes. Here are the changes that make the StickPic even better:

  •  The hole that was precisely drilled to match the size of your trekking pole has now been given a very slight taper which improves the “wedging” of the StickPic on the end of the pole
  • The manufacturers now have a new machine shop producing the StickPic so the overall quality and fit and finish has been improved
  • As I already mentioned above, the logo is now deeply machine engraved into each StickPic instead of it being individually hand stamped using a metal die. The result is clear to see and beside being more durable it looks much more professional
  • By far the biggest improvement on this Gen2 version is the new eight-star locking nut which allows you to securely fasten the StickPic to your camera even when you’re wearing gloves in the winter time (See photo below)

Gen2 Stickpic

I had never experienced any problems with the original version of the locking nut, but have to say that the new shape really is much better when you have gloves on. If you haven’t already checked out the StickPic for yourself, give it a try.

Disclosure: The StickPic provided Brian’s Backpacking Blog with a complementary StickPic camera mount to review.

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  • The improvements look very good. If I just would have a light enough camera, then I could justify the purchase of the StickPic =)

  • Well that would help :) But just how heavy or big is your camera for heavens sake? I use my StcikPic with my Flip video camera which ain’t small and that works fine.

  • I use a DSLR, a Canon EOS 50 D =) Its quite the opposite of my UL approach, but with the new camera bag I already got the weight of camera + bag down to under 1,5 kg! I’m looking into smaller cameras like the GF1, so then a StickPic might be coming my way.

  • Rain Man731

    I had the old version of the Stickpic and it “stuck” on my camera once on an Appalachian Trail hike.  NO AMOUNT of force would unscrew it from the camera with bare hands, though several manly hikers tried, due to the old knob being too “slick” to grip.  After a few days, I “begged” use of a pair of pliers at a country store.  That worked.  The new design knob gives a MUCH better grip for fingers to twist it loose.  Love the Stickpic!

  • John Pavoncello

    Brian – ok, I”m a little slow this morning but how do you shoot horizontal photos using this? Seems to me it would only work for verticals except if you hold the pole out horizontal, which would be great for nothing except selfies.