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Uwharrie Packing List

Below is a detailed list of the items I packed for my last hike into Uwharrie National Forest. Base weight was 20.03lbs without water.

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  • I usually leave all consumables such as food, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc. off of my base pack weight. I think that’s common practice. Do you use hiking poles? You could shave a lot of weight off this list if you could pitch your tent with them instead of the tent poles. I bet you could also use a much lighter sleeping pad like a thermarest z-lite or a Gossamer gear nightlite.

  • Philip, thanks for the feedback. I didn’t realize that my toiletries were considered consumables and should come off the list along with my food. That makes my pack weight even lighter!

    I’m still getting used to packing less and less, it almost takes a leap of faith to not bring some things along – but that’s to you and your blog posts I’m encouraged to keep trying. Packing less and cutting down on weight – hmm there seems to be an inversely proportional relationship between less weight and more expense :)

  • Brian,

    I found your blog by tracking back from Flickr. You do good work. Is there anything you can’t do? :-)

    Thought you might like to know that your Uwharrie table html ‘tested’ fine in a blog post for me! I have noticed that Google Docs and Blogger may work better with Chrome or Firefox. That’s my only clue.

  • Phil, I’m not sure what it is you think I can do, but I appreciate the kind words. I just took you advice and embedded a Google docs version of the Uwharrie list right in this blog post – worked great for me. Thanks!